LG Tone Free T80: Wireless in-ear headphones with Dolby Virtualizer


LG has announced a new fully wireless in-ear headset called Tone Free T80. The wireless earbuds market is so crowded that it seems almost impossible for any brand to offer differentiating features. However, LG hopes to attract buyers with some interesting features, including Dolby Virtualizer and improved microphones for taking calls.

LG Tone Free T80

According to the designers, the Tone Free T80 has a comfortable fit with medical-quality earpieces, so the earplugs should be able to be worn all day long. A reinforced graphene speaker driver is designed to deliver better overall audio clarity with well-balanced sound with deep bass and enhanced mid and high frequencies.

What sets it apart from the competition is the presence of Dolby Atmos with additional support for Dolby Head Tracking that improves listening by keeping ear-to-ear balance and sound direction intact. Dolby Virtualizer expands the sound field for all non-Dolby Atmos stereo content for an immersive listening experience, while Dolby Optimizer reduces distortion to deliver greater clarity.

The Tone Free T80 comes with adaptive features such as Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) to detect environmental noise and adjust the sound accordingly. And the Tone Free T80 is IPX4 water resistant for workouts or rainy days.

The specified total playtime is up to 36 hours if starting with full earbuds and a full charging case and if ANC is not enabled. With ANC enabled, the stated playing time is 20 hours. The four-microphone system optimizes ambient sound modes so the wearer can take calls at a busy intersection or in a quiet waiting room without missing a beat. Then there is also a whisper mode. This feature allows users to participate in calls by speaking softly into the microphone of the right earbud.

In listening mode, ambient sounds are amplified for better situational awareness. Finally, Conversation Mode improves vocal clarity for seamless communication, according to its creators.

The Tone Free app and widget provide versatile functionality, including switching between third-party music apps, setting EQ modes, connecting up to five source devices, and locating lost earbuds. The user can also connect to compatible devices simultaneously via Multi-Point and Multi-Pairing.

The Tone Free T80 is listed on LG’s website for just under $200.

The Tone Free T80 is available in black or white.

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