ND 001
ND 001
ND 001

ND 001: New hybrid headphones launched

ND 001 are new hybrid headphones with one speaker, two 30095 HF armature drivers and two 50060 50060 armature midrange drivers.

ND 001

Precise Electronic Frequency Division
Using the power of a specially designed nanometer moving coil with double magnetic diaphragm, complemented by two high-frequency and two mid-frequency moving iron blocks, our laboratory uses electronic frequency division to achieve high precision and immerse users in the spatial perception of the sound field.

2Pin Pluggable Cable Design
With 2Pin Pluggable Cable Replacement Design, our product offers flexibility and high playability. Standard 0.78mm gold-plated double pin allows you to easily replace and upgrade the cable, adapting it to different devices and meeting a variety of HIFI needs.


Resin Material
The 001 is made using environmentally friendly resin, which is subjected to continuous integral invert molding, resulting in a thinner and lighter body. This enhances comfort and durability while keeping both fashion and practicality in mind in the design.

Silver Plated Level HIFI Cable
Equipped with high quality silver plated copper braided core, the standard HIFI cable maintains the pursuit of excellence. The 4-core silver-plated wire greatly improves sound transmission quality, delivering beautiful, transparent vocals with increased impedance.

Finely Tuned Structure
After going through internal structural changes, including repositioning the air intake and exhaust pipe, our product is fine-tuned in the acoustic laboratory to enhance noise-canceling capabilities. These settings help accurately restore true vocal detail.

Price : $56

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