Noble Audio XM-1
Noble Audio XM-1
Noble Audio XM-1

Noble Audio XM-1: Affordable xMEMS headphones

Noble Audio XM-1 is a new hybrid headphone with an 8.3 mm driver and a solid-state HF driver from xMEMS .

Noble Audio XM-1

Introducing the latest innovation in personal audio: Noble In-Ear Monitor with MEMS Driver Technology
Designed to revolutionize your hearing experience, Noble’s advanced technologies deliver unparalleled audio clarity and precision. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these sleek and stylish headphones are the perfect combination of form and function.

Whether you’re a discerning audiophile, a professional musician, or just a music lover, Noble’s in-ear monitors promise to take your listening pleasure to new heights. Immerse yourself in the rich, immersive soundscape that only Noble can provide and discover a new dimension of sonic excellence.

Noble Audio XM-1

Product Features:

  • Built-in high bias amplifier eliminates the need for additional hardware
  • Use with any smartphone equipped with a USB-C or Apple Lightning port ( ddHiFi TC28i adapter included )
  • xMEMS Cowell high-frequency driver paired with a speaker for low-frequency reproduction

Affordable XMEMS

Until now, the capabilities of wired xMEMS technology have been limited by the need for a specialized high-bias amplifier. To enhance the xMEMS drivers and unique sound signature, Noble has built an amplifier into the headphones themselves, eliminating the need for additional hardware to use them.

Noble Audio XM-1

The XM-1 drivers
feature an xMEMS Cowell tweeter paired with an 8.3mm dynamic driver for bass reproduction.

The result is amazingly clear mid- and high-frequency sound, as expected from Cowell’s xMEMS, combined with full bass reproduction not previously seen in xMEMS products.

Price: $600

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