Sendy Audio Apollo: Magnetic planar headphones

Sendy Audio Apollo
Sendy Audio Apollo

Sendy Audio introduces Apollo , an exceptional headset that uses Planar Magnetic technology for incredibly precise and accurate sound. The luxurious wood and metal design hides a true concentrate of technology, created for the most accurate and rich sound reproduction, providing the most immersive listening experience.

Sendy Audio Apollo

Quad-Former Technology
The Planar Magnetic drivers in Apollo headphones use Quad-Former technology. This means that each diaphragm has two magnets and two coils on each side – a total of 4 coils per diaphragm. The coils are evenly distributed over the entire surface of the membrane. This design allows for optimal diffusion, in which the entire membrane responds equally for a given frequency. Double magnets provide the same magnetic force throughout the entire field. Thus, Sendy Audio Apollo represents an efficient conversion of electroacoustic energy, associated with extremely low distortion, very good coherence and optimal sound fidelity.

The head itself uses a high-damping composite material to produce natural, smooth vocals and tight bass. Ultra-thin and very rigid high-frequency material allows you to reach 40 kHz for bright and detailed high frequencies.

The design and ergonomics
of the Sendy Audio Apollo are also excellent, with the headphones combining both a steel mesh and a wooden surround. The holes in the housing, in addition to giving the headphones a special aesthetics, allow you to optimize acoustics. It’s all precision CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machined, then sandblasted, polished and painted.

The headband uses goatskin leather and is designed to allow you to wear the helmet comfortably. The ear pads feature memory foam that perfectly adapts to the contours of the ear. In addition, they are easily removed and, accordingly, replaced.

Cable and Accessories
Sendy Audio Apollo comes with a high quality detachable cable. The cable is braided with OCC copper conductors for superior signal transmission.
The headset also comes with a carrying case and a fabric pocket for cable storage.


  • Headphone type planar magnetic
  • Headphone format: full-size
  • Emitter diameter Ø68 mm
  • Frequency response 20Hz – 40kHz
  • Sensitivity 95 dB
  • Resistance 16Ohm
  • Cable length 2m ±0.2m
  • Connector Balanced jack 4.4 mm

Price : $499