SendyAudio Aiva
SendyAudio Aiva
SendyAudio Aiva

SendyAudio Aiva: Beautiful wooden Isodynamic headphones

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Formerly known as SendiyAudio, the Chinese company recently dropped the “i” in the middle of its branding, shrinking it to simply Sendy. Along with the name change, they switched to a new logo, which they say reflects the philosophy, integrity and honesty in Chinese culture. The most important thing with the “fittings” is the introduction of their new flat magnetic headphones, AIVA and for another thread, their IEM, AIYA.


So Sendy Audio showed their headphones at Canjam 2019 NYC and from what I’ve heard on my channels it’s cool and definitely sleeps during the show.

They compare it to the HE1000 v2 in terms of sound. Some users thought it was bright, but the airiness of the headphones created an outstanding synergistic, analytical experience. The tuning is supposedly very tonally accurate, with good timbre. It will be interesting to see the frequency graphs! It was also felt that the sound of the headphones was very similar aesthetically to STAX. The build quality looks solid and I’m a big fan of the grill, which is said to be inspired by the clouds that blanket our blue skies. The grille not only helps create natural and precise transients and balance, but also blends perfectly with Zebra AIVA wood and metal alloys. Looks very promising!


As for the specifications, their sensitivity is 96 dB at an impedance of 32 ohms. Speakers 97 mm x 76 mm with a frequency range of 20-40 kHz. They weigh 420g. They use natural wood, so each earbud will have a different wood grain. Similar to ZMF, where each earphone is personal because each piece of wood used is unique.


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