Teufel launches new Real Blue TWS 3 wireless in-ear headphones


German-based Teufel has launched its latest fully wireless in-ear headphones. The Real Blue TWS 3 is equipped with Active Noise Canceling (ANC) for undisturbed listening pleasure or simply a moment of heavenly peace. The user can activate the built-in transparency mode in situations where they still want (or need) to hear ambient noise clearly.

According to the manufacturer, this third generation of Teufel’s Real Blue Tws remains true to the original values ​​of the product series, i.e. a powerful sound, a long playing time and an extensive range of functions.

The Real Blue Tws 3 has a powerful form of Active Noise Canceling (ANC). Each earpiece has three microphones: two on the outside and one on the inside. Thanks to this configuration, disturbing ambient noise can be captured and neutralized even more accurately. This leaves only heavenly peace, so that the user gets some respite from the hectic daily life. The in-ears can of course also be used for undisturbed listening pleasure.

The Real Blue Tws 3 has the latest version of Bluetooth on board. Thanks to energy-saving Bluetooth 5.3 functionality and the presence of powerful batteries in the headphones and the charging case, the Real Blue Tws 3 can literally be used all day long. When the ANC function is enabled, the batteries of the in-ear headphones need to be recharged after six hours. Without ANC, nine hours may be added to the working time. The earbuds can be fully charged up to three times in a row in the charging case. This means the total working time is 21 hours and without ANC even 37 hours.

Teufel Real Blue Tws 3: transparency mode and controls

The transparency mode of the Real Blue Tws 3 makes it possible to amplify the ambient sound as desired. Important conversations and announcements in train stations and airports remain clearly audible without the need to remove the earphones from the ear. The built-in transparency mode can be activated with three taps on the left earpiece.

The user can completely determine the way in which the Real Blue Tws 3 is operated with taps. In the Teufel Headphones app, an instruction of one, two or three taps can be assigned to a specific function for each headset. Everything is completed with ear detection, wireless charging of the charging case, splash protection according to the IPX4 standard, Google Fast Pair and various other functions.

Teufel Real Blue Tws 3: price and delivery

The new Teufel Real Blue Tws 3 in-ear headphones are immediately available via in the colors Night Black, Pure White, Steel Blue and Misty Green. The price is just under 150 euros.

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