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TRN Medusa: In-ear headphones boasting a second-generation dynamic system

TRN Medusa is a new single driver dynamic headphone. Dance with Medusa, listen to the rhythm of the ocean! Often praised as the “floating flowers” of the ocean thanks to its translucent...

TRN Medusa
TRN Medusa

TRN Medusa is a new single driver dynamic headphone.

TRN Medusa

Dance with Medusa, listen to the rhythm of the ocean!
Often praised as the “floating flowers” of the ocean thanks to its translucent bodies and graceful movements, Medusa embodies the serenity of the ocean. These ephemeral creatures dance with the sea, bringing us closer to nature. The Sound of Jellyfish takes you on a sonic journey through the depths of the ocean.
Inspired by the mesmerizing patterns on the surface of a jellyfish, the transparent body of the headphones reveals their unique texture. With this unique design and exceptional sound quality, we hope to transport you from the hustle and bustle of the city to the peace and elegance of the ocean. Let The Sound of Jellyfish surround you with the peace and grace of the ocean, even amidst the noise of the city. Let music and the ocean caress your ears forever.

Innovative three-chamber design that reveals the complexity of sound
The Sound of Medusa is equipped with a revolutionary three-chamber, dual-magnet dynamic system. This unique design effectively separates the audio spectrum into three separate chambers, providing a wide frequency range. As a result, the headphones carefully reproduce high-frequency detail and deep bass, creating a vibrant and immersive sound experience.
Additionally, the three-chamber structure improves sound localization and expands dynamic range, transporting you into a world of captivating soundscapes.

Second-Generation Diamond-Like Diaphragm: Purity of Ocean Sound
Building on the success of the first generation of Diamond-Like-coated dynamic systems, we have carefully refined their structure and materials to minimize distortion. Reduced distortion results in more accurate sound reproduction, delivering crisp detail and clear quality. The second-generation dynamic system has improved response speed, allowing you to accurately track the nuances of an audio signal. As a result, the headphones accurately convey dynamic changes in sound, creating a more vibrant musical performance.

TRN Medusa

Your personal music temple
In our relentless pursuit of sonic perfection, we have carefully optimized the design of the acoustic chamber. Through numerous tests and modifications, they have created a specialized internal acoustic structure. The carefully calibrated chamber effectively controls unwanted reflections, working in harmony with the beryllium-coated dynamic unit to reveal the natural richness and fullness of sonic detail, delivering an unrivaled immersive listening experience.

The carefully tuned frequency response curve of the
Sound of Medusa uses a high-precision three-way crossover. By carefully calculating the reproduction of each frequency and balancing the distribution of low, mid and high frequencies, we have achieved a harmonious sound performance. This carefully engineered and tuned design delivers a smooth and natural overall frequency response, creating exceptional sound quality and versatility for a variety of music genres.

Transparent body
Admire the mesmerizing beauty of the inner workings of the headphones with their unique transparent design. The bright glow of the Medusa motif inside the translucent resin cavity gives the product a special charm and personality. This high-quality resin construction is not only visually appealing, but also creates an optimal acoustic environment for sound transmission, turning your music into a mesmerizing feast for the senses.

Medusa headphones are equipped with a four-core copper and silver cable with replaceable connectors, which provides a combination of benefits. The cable consists of oxygen-free copper and silver coating. This effectively enhances the fullness of the sound, improving resolution across the entire frequency range for detailed and clear sound reproduction. Each signal path uses an 89-core Litz wire design to ensure high-quality signal transmission.

Ergonomic Design
Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Sound of Medusa headphones provide an unrivaled listening experience that combines comfort and sound quality. Through extensive research and analysis of ear anatomy, we have optimized the shape of the headphone housing to perfectly fit the natural contours of your ear. This ensures a secure and comfortable fit, eliminating fatigue even after long periods of listening.

TRN Medusa

Technical characteristics of TRN Medusa :

  • Wearing type: behind the ear
  • Cable connector: 2.5+3.5+4mm
  • Frequency range: 20Hz-20000Hz
  • Emitter type: dynamic
  • Resistance: 30 ohm
  • Weight (one earphone + cable): 5.1g + 10g
  • Connector type: 2Pin-S
  • Sensitivity: 108dB