Ultrasone Edition 10: Lightweight Limited Edition headphones

Ultrasone Edition 10
Ultrasone Edition 10

Founded in 1991, Ultrasone began to create a brand that strives to be the epitome of class and innovation, a brand whose products can satisfy the most demanding music lovers. Constantly researching to find the best solutions, Ultrasone has produced many innovative technologies and received several patents.


The company’s headquarters are located in the city of Wilenbach, located near the foot of the Alps in southern Germany. Although not an international company, Ultrasone nevertheless effectively coordinates sales and marketing activities in more than 50 countries. Financial and technical departments are located in Wilenbach and neighboring Tutzing, and production is divided between several locations in Germany and Taiwan.

Ultrasone specializes in the manufacture of headphones and day after day improves the knowledge and skills of its engineers. Constant development leads to the fact that Ultrasone produces exceptionally high-quality headphones equipped with the latest technologies, for which the company has repeatedly been awarded major awards, including Reddot, Plus-X, Exportpreis and many others.


Open monitor headphones Ultrasone Edition 10 Limited are released in a limited edition of 2010 copies. Each piece has its own unique serial number and harmoniously combines advanced technology, stylish, elegant design and luxurious finishes. The headphones are assembled by hand using the highest quality materials.

Stereo phones use S-Logic Natural Surround Sound technology in the Plus version, according to which the drivers are slightly offset relative to the axis of the ear canal. The waves emitted by such speakers are first reflected from the outer part of the ear and only then enter the inner auditory canal. Thanks to this technology, the natural spatial perception of sound is improved and its accuracy increases. In the S-Logic Plus version, the cups received more serious damping and went through a finer-tuning process, which had a positive effect on the sound. The emitters used are 40 mm drivers, the membrane of which has a titanium coating that increases rigidity. Neodymium magnets (NdFeB) are used. ULE technology is used, which provides protection against electromagnetic radiation. To achieve this, the Ultrasone Edition 10 Limited headphones have a plate made of a special mu-metal alloy.


The neat lattice cups are coated with ruthenium (a platinum group metal), polished to a mirror finish and have figured zebrawood inserts. The same wood is used to produce the complete stand, the design of which perfectly matches the geometric shape of the inserts. The thick ear pads and lightweight metal headband are lined with smooth Ethiopian sheep leather for a high level of comfort. Adjustment to the required size is carried out in the standard way using sliders.

The model is equipped with a 3 m long double-sided permanent cable, which is reinforced with aramid fiber and uses silver-plated OFC copper conductors. The cable transmits signals accurately and is flexible, wear-resistant and lightweight. There is a luxurious wooden case for storage.


The Ultrasone Edition 10 Limited headphones feature a wide frequency range from 5 Hz to 45 kHz and an impedance of 32 ohms, making them suitable for use with portable devices. The sound of stereo phones can be described as detailed, open, natural, with well-developed deep bass and spatial stage.

Characteristics of Ultrasone Edition 10 Limited

Type open full-size dynamic headphones of a limited edition
Category wired
Frequency range 5 – 45000 Hz
Impedance 32 Ohm
Sound pressure 99 dB
Speakers 2 x 40 mm, full-range, titanium-coated diffusers, neodymium magnets (NdFeB)
Cups are coated with ruthenium, have zebrawood inserts
Material of ear pads and headband covering sheep leather
Straight cable, double-sided, non-removable, reinforced with aramid fiber, length: 3 m; 6.3 mm gold-plated plug
Cable conductor material silver-plated copper OFC
Wooden case for carrying and storage yes
Wooden headphone stand (zebrawood)
Cleaning cloth yes
Weight 282 g (excluding cable)

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