Ultrasone Edition 12
Ultrasone Edition 12
Ultrasone Edition 12

Ultrasone Edition 12: Universal open-back full-size headphones

The Ultrasone Edition 12 model is a universal open-back full-size headphone that belongs to the premium Edition series. Stereo phones received 40 mm drivers with gold-plated membranes, equipped with NdFeB neodymium magnets. Each pair of these speakers is hand-selected for maximum sound matching. The proprietary S-Logic technology (Plus version) is used, according to which the speakers are slightly offset relative to the axis of the ear canal. Therefore, the sound waves emitted by the drivers enter the ear canal only after they are reflected from the outer surface of the ear, which leads to a more accurate, natural and three-dimensional sound perception. In the Plus version, the cups have more serious damping and finer tuning. The Ultrasone Edition 12 headphones use ULE technology to protect against harmful electromagnetic radiation, which includes the use of a MU Metal alloy plate.


The elegant design of the outer grille of the cups resembles the wings of a butterfly and also helps to achieve a more open and accurate sound. The grille has a matte chrome finish with aluminum decorative inserts. The flexible aluminum headband is covered with soft, durable dark gray leather from long-haired Ethiopian sheep, and adjustment to the required size is carried out using sliders. Comfortable ear pads are made of high-quality microvelor, which has a high degree of abrasion resistance, and also has hypoallergenic and antistatic properties. Thanks to such solutions, Ultrasone Edition 12 headphones provide the ability to listen for many hours without fatigue.

The model has a flexible, non-removable double-sided cable reinforced with aramid fiber. The conductors are made of pure OFC (99.99%) oxygen-free copper and silver plated. The cord length is 3 m, and the termination is made using a 6.3 mm plug.


The Ultrasone Edition 12 headphones are distinguished by a wide frequency range (6 – 42000 Hz), a low impedance of 40 Ohms and a light weight of 282 g. Stereo phones demonstrate open spatial sound with velvety highs, a well-balanced mid-frequency range and precise, perfectly developed bass. Also noteworthy is the correct tonal balance and the impressive three-dimensional stage. The model is assembled by hand in Germany.

Characteristics Ultrasone Edition 12

Type open monitor dynamic headphones
Category wired
Frequency range 6 – 42000 Hz
Impedance 40 Ohm
Sensitivity 99 dB
Speakers 2 x 40 mm, wide-range, gold-plated diffusers, neodymium magnets (NdFeB)
Cups matte chrome finish, decorative aluminum inserts
Ear pad material micro-velour
Headband material: sheep leather
Straight cable, double-sided, non-removable, reinforced with aramid fiber, 6.3 mm gold-plated plug, cable length: 3 m
Cable conductor material: silver-plated copper OFC
Cleaning cloth included
Weight 282 g (excluding cable)

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