Vieta Pro Dual
Vieta Pro Dual
Vieta Pro Dual

Vieta Pro Dual: Noise cancellation for less than $50

You’ll have no shortage of options to choose from when it comes to headphones , so it’s no surprise that most manufacturers are going out of their way to give you the best possible technical features at the lowest price. For example, the protagonist of this analysis has some additions for you that you will appreciate: Vieta Pro Dual.

Vieta Pro Dual are entry-level headphones that offer you enough for daily use, whether it’s a comfortable design, active noise cancellation for greater immersion when you’re away from home or a battery that will give you up to more than 20 hours of use. Thus, they achieve a more than correct balance between price and quality if your budget is limited.

The headphones of this era

Vieta Pro Dual have a conventional format

Starting with its design, you will come across the most traditional in terms of design and that we have already seen many times in the catalog of this brand as well as any other on the current market. Its completely cable-free in-ear format has the advantage of taking up very little space in your ear as well as a total weight of just 43 grams.

The manufacturer ensures that the Pro Dual are prepared to achieve correct durability by overcoming adverse weather conditions such as if it starts to rain and you are away from home, as well as carrying them with you during intense physical activities without the risk of sweat damaging them.

The Vieta Pro Dual can be purchased in two colors, one completely white and the other in black , so it aims to be used for all people beyond any age, sex or aesthetic taste. It has touch controls on its external surface for quick actions such as changing tracks, volume or accepting an incoming call. This way, you won’t need to take your phone out of your pocket all the time.

One of the most interesting advantages of this model is its multiple synchronization function, meaning that you can use both ends as well as only pairing one with your phone for when you need to be aware of what is happening around you. Even by leaving an earphone in its case, you can recharge it and thus double the autonomy of use without stopping listening to music at any time.

Noise cancellation available

Vieta Pro Dual allows you to pair only one of your headphones

As we indicated initially, you will not have anything out of the ordinary in its general operation or audio quality, being able to use Bluetooth wireless connectivity in the most recent 5.3 standard to have better signal stability as well as lower energy consumption while enjoying total freedom of movement to enjoy your music anywhere.

However, something unusual in such cheap headphones is the presence of an active noise cancellation (ANC) technology of -23dB , sufficient levels to be able to effectively reduce unwanted surrounding noise, raising the listening quality to a higher level for moments in which you find yourself on public roads, transportation or in a bustling office.

As it could not be otherwise, there is a built-in microphone so you can make and receive audio calls without problems, in addition to being able to use your Smartphone’s virtual assistant such as Google Assistant to perform actions, receive information and more. through voice commands.

To conclude, thanks to a small storage case that you can take with you everywhere to store them when you are not using them, a more than achieved autonomy of 21 hours has been achieved (although logically not with continuous music playback).

Comparison with Vieta Pro Done 4

Vieta Pro Dual can be charged while not in use

An alternative from the same brand that you can consider corresponds to Vieta Pro Done 4 . They are a slightly different design style, and perhaps less attractive, having a slightly longer structure that is more noticeable on your ears when wearing them, while also being IPX4 certified to resist both splashes of water and to sweat

The Vieta Pro Done 4 arrive with Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity (they can also be synchronized independently) and are powered by a 30 mAh battery each that gives it an average autonomy of between 4 and 5 hours of playback with the volume at 50%, while its case can be recharged multiple times to reach 20 hours of use. The big difference? They do not have support for noise cancellation.


  • Noise cancellation technology
  • Independent synchronization capability for each end
  • Charging case gives you more than 20 hours of use
  • Very low price


  • Sound quality somewhat limited
  • Without App for more settings and equalization options