Yamaha TW-EF3A
Yamaha TW-EF3A
Yamaha TW-EF3A

Yamaha TW-EF3A: Open-back headphones with 13mm titanium-coated drivers

Yamaha’s latest addition to its headphone lineup is the TW-EF3A wireless headphones. Notably, these are the company’s first open-back headphones, designed to be compact and fit inside the ear without earmuffs. Unlike closed-back headphones, open-back headphones like the TW-EF3A don’t fully seal off the external ear canal, allowing users to maintain a connection with their surroundings while enjoying their music. This design choice can offer a different listening experience, characterized by a more spacious and natural sound.

Yamaha TW-EF3A is the brand's first open TWS headphones
Yamaha TW-EF3A is the brand’s first open TWS headphones

The TW-EF3A wireless headphones from Yamaha boast 13mm titanium-coated drivers in each earcup, promising rich bass reproduction often lacking in other open-back models. With Bluetooth multipoint capability, these headphones can seamlessly connect to two devices simultaneously, making it convenient for users switching between phone and laptop listening.

The earphones feature physical buttons on the protruding part for easy control of various audio modes, including volume adjustment, media playback, and activation of different audio modes. Yamaha claims a battery life of up to 10 hours on a single charge, with an additional 16 hours provided by the charging case. Moreover, these headphones carry an IPX4 rating for water and sweat resistance.

In terms of audio settings, the TW-EF3A headphones offer a game mode and a low-latency mode designed to minimize delay between audio and video, particularly beneficial for gaming or watching video content on portable devices.

Additionally, Yamaha introduces Clear Voice, a novel feature tailored for their headphones, aimed at enhancing conversations and vocals for improved clarity. This innovation enables users to enjoy dialogue-heavy content at lower volume levels while ensuring optimal intelligibility and immersive listening experiences.