ZiiGaat Doscinco
ZiiGaat Doscinco
ZiiGaat Doscinco

ZiiGaat Doscinco: Hybrid headphones unveiled

ZiiGaat has launched the new Doscinco hybrid headphones with two 10 mm drivers and three armature drivers.

ZiiGaat Doscinco

ZiiGaat is the silent engineering team behind many of the world’s most popular audio brands. ZiiGaat have been developing OEM and ODM products for numerous consumer and professional brands for over ten years. Using years of experience, ZiiGaat wants to take the technological innovation and passion for audio to the next level. Once we create our brand, we will be free to experiment and share our work without corporate restrictions. ZiiGaat’s skills, experience and next generation tools allow them to produce some of the best audio products the market has to offer.

ZiiGaat strive to be more than just an audio brand, and strive to be a team of techies that can work closely with the audio community to create the best products for all of us. Every member of ZiiGaat is passionate about music and best-in-class audio resolution, and we are committed to helping people rediscover music like never before.

Isobaric Dynamic Subwoofers
2DD (dynamic driver) subwoofers are the latest innovation in the IEM market. Two separate 10mm polymer diaphragm drivers are housed in an isobaric configuration in our signature acoustic enclosure. The isobaric configuration allows for a significant increase in not only the quantity of sub-bass frequencies, but also the tactile quality by increasing the overall pressure on the speakers.

Characteristics of ZiiGaat Doscinco:

  • Sensitivity: 104 dB
  • Frequency range: 20 Hz – 40000 Hz
  • Resistance: 11 ohm
  • Headphone jack: 2-pin 0.78mm

Price : $269

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