Accuphase C-2450
Accuphase C-2450
Accuphase C-2450

Accuphase C-2450: Top-of-the-line preamplifier

The Accuphase C 2450 is a completely new generation preamplifier of Top-of-the-line quality, which uses a patented analog balanced volume control – AAVA. The latest AAVA volume control ensures incredibly smooth sound and a completely comfortable listening experience at different volume levels. At the limit, an AAVA processor is installed which changes the signal level stepwise depending on the position of the volume control. The resulting current gives the circuit a variable gain, which controls the volume of the music signal. The corresponding current is combined and converted into voltage at the inverter (IV) before being sent to the next stage. Amplifiers directly change the gain and allow you to change the volume without changing the characteristic impedance, as well as noise and various distortions.

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The volume control knob is machined from a high quality solid piece of aluminum. The entire audio signal path from the preamplifier input to the amplifier output is completely balanced.
The Accuphase C 2450 preamplifier uses three signal amplification units in each channel. The printed circuit boards of the amplification units are made of fluorocarbon fiberglass fabric impregnated with fluorocarbon resin. The front panel is made of 8 mm high quality anodized aluminum. The side decorative panels are made of solid Japanese persimmon, covered with 12 layers of varnish and polished.
This housing design reliably protects circuits from various types of interference and interference, and also has excellent anti-vibration properties.

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The Accuphase C 2450 power supply contains two powerful shielded transformers filtered by 4 capacitors of 10,000 uF each. All boards are made of fluorocarbon resin, which has a very low dielectric constant and minimal losses. Accuphase C 2450 is equipped with signal phase indication. You can select the phase individually for each input. If the indicator is on, phase 180, and if the indicator is off, phase 0.

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Optionally, you can install the AD-2850 MM/MS phono stage board. This preamplifier is mounted on anti-vibration feet, which are made of high carbon cast iron. The outstanding performance and design of this preamplifier delivers realism that will simply take your breath away and amaze you with sound.

Characteristics Accuphase C 2450

Playback frequency 3-200000 Hz
Signal-to-noise ratio > 110 dB
Total harmonic distortion < 0.005%
Circuit design Fully balanced
XLR inputs 2 pairs
RCA inputs 5 pairs
XLR outputs 2 pairs
RCA outputs 1 pair (for cassette recorder)
Power consumption 38 Watt
Remote control Included
Headphone output Jack 6.3 mm
Weight 19.2 kg
Dimensions (WxHxD) 465 x 150 x 409 mm

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