Accuphase C-37
Accuphase C-37
Accuphase C-37

Accuphase C-37: Uncompromising phono preamplifier

Accuphase C-37  is an uncompromising phono preamplifier that uses the latest technology and components of the highest quality level. The massive body of the anti-vibration design ensures stable operation of all circuits and circuits. The top plate of the body is made of anodized aluminum, which ensures uniform distribution and dissipation of heat emanating from the elements, and also effectively dampens chassis vibrations.

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This phono preamplifier carefully and carefully processes the incoming signal from the pickup head. A fully balanced design, high-quality components, and the latest circuit design provide amazingly natural, transparent, focused and accurate sound. All PCBs are made from fluorocarbon resin with the lowest dielectric constant and lowest loss. The signal travels along tracks and contacts coated with gold.

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Accuphase C 37 is one of the few phono preamps that has the best signal-to-noise ratio, minimal distortion, and excellent frequency response, this allows you to hear significantly more musical nuances and provides amazing macro and especially micro dynamics. This phono preamplifier has two separate boards for amplifier stages with equalization of the right and left channels for the MC heads. The C 37 has two powerful shielded, low-noise toroidal transformers with stabilized power supplies, which provide power to all circuits and stages with a reserve. Amplification stages with equalization for MM heads are made using precision low-noise field-effect transistors. The entire signal path is built along the shortest path.

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Accuphase C 37 is a unique phono stage that allows you to fully unleash the full potential of your heads, tonearms and turntables. It is also unique because it allows you to connect three different heads with different characteristics. Each of the three inputs is programmable and remembers the settings. The Accuphase C 37 has truly phenomenal adjustments for any cartridge used, as well as an additional gain button of +10 dB for low output cartridges. The low-pass filter has a roll-off of -12 dB at 10 Hz.

Now let’s move on to the appearance of this phono stage: anodized aluminum front panel in a champagne finish, side panels made of solid Japanese persimmon, varnished and polished. This gives it a refined, expensive and exclusive appearance.

Characteristics Accuphase C-37

Playback frequency 10-20000 Hz
Signal-to-noise ratio MS input: 100 dB, MM input: 110 dB
Total harmonic distortion <0.005%
Output impedance 50 Ohm
Adjustment of input impedance of
MS heads type: 3, 10, 30, 100 , 300, 1000 Ohm.
MM type: 1 KoM, 47 KoM, 100 KoM.
Type of MM and MC heads used
Inputs (programmable) 3 RCA pairs
Gain button Yes (+10 dB)
Subsonic filter Yes (-12 dB at 10 Hz)
Variable phase On the rear panel (balanced analog outputs)
Gain MM input 40 dB, MC input 70 dB
Operating voltage 230 Volt / 50 Hz
Power consumption 20 Watt
Weight 14.5 kg
Dimensions (WxHxD) 465 x 114 x 407 mm