Accuphase DC-37
Accuphase DC-37
Accuphase DC-37

Accuphase DC-37: Impressive DAC with DSD Signal Processor

Accuphase introduces the Accuphase DC-37 Digital to Analog Converter with DSD Signal Processor. The model inherits the outstanding technology of the company’s previous products, the DC-901 and DP-720, while providing the latest in digital signal processing technology. This device uses a proprietary MDSD DAC with eight parallel digital-to-analog conversion units, which provides direct conversion of a DSD stream with support for a frequency of 5.6MHz.

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The proprietary Accuphase HS-LINK interface has also been updated to the next version, with an expansion of the sampling rate. DC-37 is a multifunctional switching device. External digital sources can be connected via several digital inputs (HS-LINK, COAXIAL 1, COAXIAL 2, OPTICAL 1, OPTICAL 2 USB). With the advancement of high-resolution audio recordings, there is no doubt that the DC-37 will take its rightful place in high-end audio systems.

As with all Accuphase products, the DC-37 uses only the highest quality materials and parts, and carefully selects components to ensure its quality, reliability and musicality are unquestionable. Power is provided separately for both analog and digital parts, each of which has separate transformers with filter capacitors.

The digital part uses Ultra-high-speed FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) technology, which provides DSD stream processing with double the power of digital sound processors. All analog circuits are built using a fully balanced circuit.

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The Accuphase DC-37 has a massive, heavy anodized aluminum body with a base made of a special alloy. The side decorative panels are made of solid Japanese persimmon, covered with 12 layers of varnish and polished to a shine. The Accuphase DC 37 is mounted on patented high carbon cast iron anti-resonance feet.

Accuphase DC 37 is implemented on eight of the latest ESS Technologies “ES 9018 K2M” multi-bit chips connected in parallel to minimize distortion and accurately process digital data.

Digital, analog, and servo circuits are separated and shielded. Two massive toroidal shielded transformers with stabilized blocks provide clean power to all circuits of this digital-to-analog converter. Shielding of transformers prevents the occurrence of radio frequency noise, interference that can interfere with the digital and analog circuits of the device.

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The fully symmetrical analog output stage is built on discrete elements and operates in pure class “A”. Reception and processing of digital data is carried out using a completely new algorithm developed by Accuphase, which turns the music signal into a signal of an unprecedented level of quality.

The front panel has an informative display that displays not only the sampling frequency of the selected signal source, but also the quantization bit depth based on the actual signal measurement. The Accuphase DC 37 is a digital-to-analog converter that sets new heights and standards for sound reproduction, including cutting-edge standards for high-resolution audio.

Characteristics Accuphase DC 37

Signal-to-noise ratio 119 dB
Harmonic coefficient 0.0006%
Inputs coaxial, optical, USB
Outputs linear, balanced
Output impedance 50 Ohm
DAC 8xESS Technology ES9018, 32 bits
Built-in power supply
Power consumption 10 W
Remote control yes
Dimensions (WxHxD) 4 65x114x385 mm
Weight 14.4 kg