Accuphase DP-950
Accuphase DP-950
Accuphase DP-950

Accuphase DP-950: A solid and powerful SACD transport

Accuphase engineers took on an ambitious project and developed a transport mechanism that does not compromise the richness of the sound inherent in the SACD format. Now you can enjoy the fruits of these efforts. The ideal SACD transport is no longer a dream. Extreme mechanical precision is combined with Accuphase’s traditional highest sonic fidelity. The extremely massive mechanism combines extraordinary rigidity with impeccable precision. A truly monumental achievement in the world of High-End Audio.

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The decorative panel of the CD transport Accuphase DP-950 is made of solid Japanese persimmon, varnished and polished. This gives it a chic and exclusive appearance. The massive body of the anti-vibration design ensures stable operation of all mechanisms, circuits and circuits. The transport mechanism is very quiet. The transport mechanism tray is machined from a single piece of high quality aluminum. It is protected by a special massive screen that protects it from vibrations, electromagnetic radiation, interference and interference. Compared to a regular CD, a SACD has a higher rotation speed and the laser head must provide accurate positioning, reading, and minimal vibration. All this is necessary to read maximum information from the disk with absolute accuracy.

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In the Accuphase DP-950, the digital servo drive works in conjunction with a specialized DSP processor that ensures accurate reading of the signal recorded on the SACD disc. The laser reading head has a double lens. This ultra-precise transport mechanism with a double laser head is capable of perfectly reproducing the signal not only from SACD discs but also from CD discs. Between the DP-950 CD transport and the DC-950 digital-to-analog converter, the digital signal is ideally transmitted via a special HS-LINK Ver. 2 developed by Accuphase with an RJ-45 connector. This bus ensures perfect coordination of devices with each other. The DP-950 connects to digital-to-analog converters from other manufacturers using a coaxial cable, and only plays CD format.

Accuphase DP-950 Features: 

New extremely rigid, massive and precise transport mechanism for SACD
Rugged, massive chassis absorbs external vibrations
Very rigid, precision design
Self-aligning transfer mechanism “Treverse Mechanism” with viscous damping
Large, massive aluminum alloy gantry
Low center of gravity further reduces vibration
High quality Extruded aluminum SACD tray and ultra-low-noise disc loading mechanism
Advanced High Carbon cast iron supports
High-speed dual-laser single-lens readout mechanism
Supports text and artist information display
Proprietary HS-Link digital audio interface (HS-Link cable included)
HS-Link output for SACD/CD signals
Dedicated coaxial output for CD signals
Power supply with two high-performance toroidal transformers
Automatic power-on when playback mode is turned on
Adjustable auto-pause before playback
Solid persimmon wood body.

Characteristics of Accuphase DP-950

Transport mechanism Accuphase (Sony laser pick-up)
Front panel Made of high-quality anodized aluminum
External finishing Solid Japanese persimmon
Complete with CD transport Remote control, HS-LINK cable, network cable
Digital output HS-LINK Ver . 2 RJ 45 and S/PDIF: CD, SACD
Operating voltage 230 Volts
Power consumption 11 Watts
Weight 30.6 kg
Dimensions (WxHxD) 477 x 156 x 394 mm

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