Advance Paris MyConnect 60
Advance Paris MyConnect 60
Advance Paris MyConnect 60

Advance Paris MyConnect 60: High-quality, compact and complete Hi-Fi system

Measuring approximately 14 x 27 x 39 centimeters, the Advance Paris MyConnect 60 is about the size of a shoebox and weighs a comparatively light five and a half kilograms. The body is available in your choice of black or white and is finished with a chic glass façade. The power button lights up red in standby mode and white during operation. Around the large combination volume control and power supply selector, a white decorative ring also glows during operation. Between them is the CD drive, control buttons, as well as a headphone jack, and above it is a large display.

The front panel also has a slot for storing USB storage devices, that is, external hard drives and flash drives. Music data from storage devices connected to it can be played directly via myConnect. Of course, the main formats covered here are MP3, WAV, FLAC, ALAC and AAC. Additionally, the little wagon has extensive connectivity to many music streaming services such as Spotify, Deezer and Tidal. And, of course, thousands of Internet radio stations. The network connection required for this can be established wirelessly via Wi-Fi or via an Ethernet network port.

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The wired inputs provide three analog and three digital inputs. One of the three analog inputs can be changed from a high-level input for CD, DVD players or similar devices to a phonograph input for MM players using a switch on the rear panel. The headphone output on the front panel has a 6.3mm jack jack for connection. There are other outputs at the rear: a mandatory pair of screw terminals are provided for connecting speakers. If the speakers require subwoofer support, the RCA subwoofer connector outputs the necessary low-frequency signal. Next to it is another CINC connector that outputs a full stereo signal. Whether this is regulated or output at a constant level can be decided in the myConnect 60 menu.

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Thanks to the high-quality digital converters installed in the Advance Paris myConnect 60, the external player also sounds quite good. Wired digital jack-of-all-trades definitely leaves a lot to be desired. Wireless can be played, for example, via Bluetooth. Connecting to a smartphone or laptop takes a few seconds, and in terms of sound it is hardly inferior to a wired connection. This option is therefore ideal, for example, for guests who want to listen to their own music, or for simply outputting audio from a computer or TV.

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In terms of sound, the Advance Paris myConnect 60 doesn’t put itself at ease when playing streaming services. Absolute quality, of course, also depends on the supplier’s permission. For example, the maximum bit rate on Spotify Premium is 320 kbps. Thus, the data is significantly compressed compared to the original. The situation looks a little worse for the free version. For example, Tidal or Deezer Hi-Fi is much better. Both stream losslessly, meaning full CD quality. From my point of view, choosing one of these services is absolutely recommended, so this sounds better. The only slight problem with the volume control is that when turned on, the device does not play the set low volume, but selects the last level before turning off.

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Advance Paris myConnect 60 is a prime example of how compact a high-quality and, above all, complete Hi-Fi system can be. This versatile system enables playback of everything from analog records, CDs and radio to lossless digital streaming. Amplification is provided by a classic class A/B amplifier. The required energy is converted by a powerful toroidal transformer in a classic power supply. All this is housed in a chic and compact package that can be integrated into almost any living environment. Thanks to internal sources and wireless connections, the cabling required for operation is reduced to an absolute minimum. This makes myConnect 60 an ideal choice for music lovers who don’t want their apartment to be cluttered with appliances and wiring. The versatile myConnect 60 is therefore a real recommendation for demanding entry-level users who avoid large equipment fleets and the associated hassle.

Specifications  Advance Paris myConnect 60

Amplifier: 2×70 W
Amplifier class AB
Digital converter: Wolfson WM8740
Inputs: 2x RCA / AUX, 1x RCA / phono, 2x digital optical, 1 digital coaxial, 1x USB-A (front), 1x Ethernet, Bluetooth
Dimensions (WxHxD): 136 x 265 x 385 mm
Weight: 5.5 kg