Advance Paris Playstream A7
Advance Paris Playstream A7
Advance Paris Playstream A7

Advance Paris Playstream A7: First-class multifunctional integrated amplifier

The Advance Paris Playstream A7 amplifier model represents the French company’s new approach to satisfying not only the most demanding aesthetic requirements for appearance. Advance Paris Playstream A7 is the most advanced model in terms of functionality and is not only a first-class multifunctional amplification device, but a high-quality radio receiving and broadcasting device for both analog radio transmission and digital streaming.

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Advance Paris PlayStream A7 is an integrated amplifier with incredible connectivity options. With an excellent output of 2 x 115 Watts into 8 Ohms in AB mode, the PlayStream A7 was designed with the ultimate goal of satisfying demanding audiophiles. Its sound reproduction is uncompromising and compatible with all new high-resolution sources. Advance Paris Playstream A7 integrates Ethernet and Wi-Fi network player, including many services such as Spotify, Deezer, Qobuz, Tidal, TuneIn, iHeart Radio, vTuner, Napster, etc. It allows you to play your music library over the network, stored on your smartphone, tablet, computer, or network drive such as NAS (Synology).

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A digital DAB+ tuner, an FM tuner, 4 digital inputs including coaxial and 3 optical, a USB input, as well as 6 analogue inputs including a configurable phono input, complement each other to create a complete image of a large amplifier. In essence, this is a first-class receiver, capable of receiving radio stations in analogue and digital formats, as well as listening to radio broadcasts from anywhere in the world in real time! Advance Paris PlayStream A7 is compatible with the new X-FTB01* and X-FTB02 Bluetooth receivers that include aptX-HD.

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Inside the Advance Paris Playstream A7 there are premium processors from the Japanese company Asahi Kasei, together with first-class circuitry that provide rich, lively, dynamic sound, combined with a proprietary plasticity called Velvet Sound. Advance Paris Playstream A7 with High-Bias technology provides sound comparable to Class A operation at low volumes. As the output level increases, the amplifier automatically switches to AB operating mode. The amplifier is DLNA compatible.


PlayStream A7 has a neutral, dynamic sound with deep and good elaboration of the low-frequency range. The unit’s tone activation capabilities allow you to tailor the sound to suit your speakers in the most challenging listening spaces. In addition to various options for connecting digital and analog signal sources, the amplifier is equipped with outputs for 2 pairs of acoustics. This opens up good opportunities for use with built-in acoustics in large halls, as well as multiroom systems. An impeccable and luxurious appearance with an amazing dial indicator will decorate the most demanding and sophisticated interiors. The amplifier is equipped with a universal, convenient remote control.

Characteristics of Advance Paris Playstream A7

Output power – 115W at 8 ohms
Frequency range (+/- 3 dB) – 20 Hz – 80 kHz
Optical input support: 24 bit – 96 kHz PCM
Coaxial input support: 24 bit – 192 kHz PCM
Power consumption – 400W max
Dimensions: 430 x 370 x 135
Weight 9.3 kg