Arcam CD5
Arcam CD5
Arcam CD5

Arcam CD5: Iconic high-precision CD Player

The Arcam Radia CD5 CD player is the latest in a long line of premium CD players from Arcam and effectively replaces the Arcam CDS50 model. It is ideal for Arcam Radia A5, A15 or A25 amplifiers.

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Since the iconic 1986 Delta CD player, Arcam has continually improved CD playback. The latest version features the ESS ES9018 DAC and high-resolution audio playback with sampling rates up to 24-bit 32 kHz. There is also FLAC support. The USB connector allows you to play external files using the internal DAC.

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Many of us still enjoy playing our CD collection, and CDs can still sound great because they are encoded uncompressed and virtually lossless. They have a greater dynamic range than vinyl, as well as an improved signal-to-noise ratio. They are also less susceptible to clicks and scratches. Another advantage is the price.

CDs are usually cheaper than vinyl, and lossless streaming services are expensive. The player has a high-precision system that reclocks the signal and helps minimize jitter. Much attention was also paid to the power supply, which improves the technical characteristics of the Arcam Radia CD5.


The Arcam Radia CD5 player has received a new, more modern design, which differs from the traditional “Arkamov” school. On the back wall of the well-damped case there are coaxial and optical inputs, thanks to which the model can be used as an external DAC. Digital inputs are duplicated by similar outputs. Enjoy superior dynamic range and signal-to-noise ratio with this high-quality CD player.

Arcam CD5 Features

Supported Media: CD (Audio), CD-R (Audio/Data), CD-RW (Audio/Data), USB-A (Data)
Supported Files: (Data) WAV (LPCM), FLAC, MP3, AAC, WMA
Supported bit depth: 16 bit – 24 bit
Supported sample rate (kHz): 32, 44.1, 48, 88.2 (WAV and FLAC only), 96 (WAV and FLAC only)
Outputs: 1x Analog stereo pair (RCA), 1x digital coaxial (RCA), 1x digital optical (Toslink)
Frequency response: (filter 1) 20 Hz – 20 kHz ±0.05 dB
Mains voltage and power consumption: AC 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz, 12 W
Dimensions W x D x H (including legs): 431 x 344 x 83 mm
Product weight: 6 kg

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