Arcam SA45: Integrated amplifier boasting pure power

Arcam SA45
Arcam SA45

Arcam SA45 is the latest amplifier created by masters in Cambridge based on the best Arcam A49 integrated amplifier. With fully balanced digital and analogue audio paths, an all-new digital audio and streaming platform, a new linear toroidal power supply design, a new user interface and a new app, the Arcam SA45 is a powerful music center. The Arcam SA45 integrated amplifier belongs to the new generation of models in this class and has the most modern technologies. On the front panel of the device, made of aluminum, there is a large display, as well as the necessary set of controls. With relatively small dimensions (case height is 143 mm), the device weighs 17 kg, which indicates the solidity of its design.


The Arcam SA45 amplifier develops an output of 180 W per channel with a load resistance of 8 ohms, and practically doubles this figure when driving 4-ohm speakers. It was possible to achieve such indicators through the use of class G circuitry in the final amplifiers, which is characterized by very efficient use of power source energy. In terms of its functionality, Arcam SA45 can become a real center of a home entertainment system. The device is equipped with XLR inputs, three analog inputs, two of which are designed to connect a vinyl player with MM and MC pickups, respectively. In addition, the amplifier also has the most modern digital part, built on the basis of the ESS9038K2M DAC. Arcam SA45 is equipped with two coaxial and two optical inputs, and also has an HDMI input with support for ARC technology. Thus, the amplifier can also be connected to a TV for high-quality reproduction of the soundtrack of movies and television shows.

Today’s current streaming technologies are also implemented in Arcam SA45. The device operates via wired Ethernet and Wi-Fi, thereby providing the ability to play virtually unlimited music content. Arcam SA45 supports access to files on various network devices, operates with Chromecast and AirPlay 2. Through third-party UPNP applications such as mConnect or BubbleUPnP, it is possible to play music from various online services Spotify, Tidal, Qobuz, Deezer. The device has support for the new MQA digital format, and can also work as an endpoint in systems based on Roon multiroom technology. You can control the Arcam HDA SA45 using both the standard remote control and the IP protocol. Another important feature of the Arcam SA45 is the presence of Dirac Live sound correction technology for each signal source with memory for three user settings. All instructions for calibrating the room can be found on the official website of the model.

Features Arcam SA45

Output power 180 W per channel (8 ohms), 300 W per channel (4 ohms)
Analog inputs: 3 (RCA pairs), Phono MM and MC inputs, 1 pair XLR
Digital audio inputs: 1x HDMI ARC, 2x coaxial ( RCA), 2x optical (Toslink)
Supported streaming media: FLAC, WAV (LPCM), AAC, ALAC, AIFF, DSD (up to 1024), MP3, MP4, OGG, WMA.
Supported bit depth of streaming: 16, 24, 32.
Supported sampling rate of streaming (kHz): up to 768 kHz
Playback without pauses: Yes
Bluetooth profile 5.2; Sink/Source A2DP, AVRCP, BLE, aptX, aptX HD, adaptive aptX, AAC
Wi-Fi network IEEE 8002.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax (2.4 GHz/5 GHz)
Power consumption (maximum) 1500 W
Power consumption (standby) <0.5 W
Dimensions W x D x H (including feet) 431 x 344 x 143 mm
Weight 17 kg

Included Accessories

Power cord
Remote control with 2 AAA batteries.
Measuring microphone
USB cable 5 m long
Getting started instructions


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