Argon Audio SA1: Super compact and very good hi-fi amplifier

The SA1 is an exceptional stereo amplifier that comes in a sleek white or black finish. It offers an unparalleled hi-fi sound quality that surpasses anything previously available in its price range. Additionally, its compact size eliminates the need for a large and bulky device on your bookshelf.

The SA1 delivers crystal clear, dynamic, and musically rich audio, making it a perfect match for high-quality hi-fi speakers from renowned brands like DALI or Bowers & Wilkins. With its impressive 2 x 40 watts of power, it can effortlessly drive even the most demanding floor models, providing a listening experience that must be heard to be believed.


Equipped with built-in Bluetooth functionality, the SA1 allows you to wirelessly stream music directly from your smartphone, without relying on a Wi-Fi network. It’s incredibly easy to use, and it even supports the aptX HD Bluetooth format, ensuring optimal sound quality when paired with a smartphone that supports the same format.


Adaptable connectivity choices – along with intelligent TV audio.

The SA1 offers a versatile audio experience with both digital and analogue audio inputs, including a record player (MM). It also provides an easy way to enhance the sound from your TV. Not only can you connect your TV sound digitally to the optical input, but if you have a Samsung or Sony TV, you can conveniently control the volume using your existing TV remote control! The SA1 is compatible with Samsung IR Remote (including TM1240A), Sony IR Remote (including the XF8 series), and LG IR Remote.

One of the convenient features of the SA1 is its ability to automatically turn on from standby mode when receiving input from any source (except the turntable). This ensures that you always enjoy high-quality TV sound without any hassle, additional remote controls, or concerns about increased electricity consumption. It’s a hassle-free solution that guarantees superb audio quality every time.

The SA1 also includes a 5V USB output on the back, allowing you to power devices like Chromecast Audio or other compact Wi-Fi music streamers. By connecting your sound system to the optical digital input, you can wirelessly stream music and sound from various apps on your smartphone. This eliminates the need for extra batteries and minimizes the risk of interruptions, such as phone calls, that can occur with Bluetooth connections.

The exceptional sound quality of the SA1 is achieved through a combination of advanced digital volume control and an analog switching amplifier, also known as Class D. This hybrid digital amplifier utilizes the best aspects of both digital and analog technologies to deliver outstanding audio performance. It’s a testament to the thoughtful design and maximum utilization of the best audio elements.


The SA1 boasts a range of cutting-edge and innovative technical solutions that collectively contribute to its exceptional sound quality. It features a fully balanced signal path that ensures optimal audio transmission from the DAC to the speaker terminals. Additionally, the SA1 incorporates separate power supplies for both the digital and analogue circuits, guaranteeing enhanced performance. The utilization of exclusive Japanese long-life capacitors further enhances the overall sound quality. Moreover, the SA1 is equipped with an effective overload protection system that safeguards against any potential damage without compromising the audio output.

Furthermore, the SA1’s connections have been meticulously optimized to serve their respective purposes. The optical input is of a standard type and is well-equipped to combat jitter noise from connected devices, particularly digital sound from televisions. The second input is also equipped with digital jitter reduction technology, which can significantly enhance the sound quality when connected to a high-fidelity component like a CD player or a multi-room music streamer.

State-of-the-art power supply

The SA1 features a newly developed, compact active power supply that outperforms traditional types with copper transformers. It excels in performance, operates quietly, and maintains stability despite voltage variations. Not only does it offer high sound quality, but it is also highly efficient, converting more energy into sound compared to traditional analogue amplifiers. Additionally, despite its 40-watt power rating, the SA1 can deliver up to 400 watts and remains resilient to impedance fluctuations in connected speakers, ensuring stability and refined musicality even at low impedances.


  • Super compact design with elegant white or black finish
  • Impressive sound quality and power
  • Built-in Bluetooth for wireless music from smartphones etc. (with aptX HD)
  • 5V USB output (for e.g. Chromecast Audio)
  • Connections for both digital and analogue music sources, including turntable (MM)
  • Control of TV sound from the existing TV remote control, as well as automatic switching on
  • Supports HD stereo sound up to 24-bit/192kHz
  • Pre-out to subwoofer, headphone amplifier or separate power stage
  • Very low power consumption


  • No built-in Chromecast Audio or multi-room streaming
  • No front display
  • No output for headphones
  • Connection for one pair of speakers only
  • No built-in tone control

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