Atoll IN200
Atoll IN200
Atoll IN200

Atoll IN200 Signature: High quality integrated amplifier

The Atoll IN200 Signature integrated amplifier has a laconic design and, thanks to the milled aluminum front panel, looks very solid. The design of the device coincides with other models in the series, and completely replicates the pre-amplifier of the same series. The output stages of the Atoll IN200 Signature are built according to a symmetrical circuit using discrete elements, with paired MOS-FET transistors. Thanks to its significant output current, the Atoll IN200 Signature easily handles speakers even with complex impedance characteristics.


The Atoll IN200 Signature amplifier has five line inputs, one of which, complemented by an output, is intended for monitoring recordings on a connected recording device. It is possible to connect the device to a home theater system, for which it has an additional bypass input. Atoll IN200 Signature is also equipped with two preamplifier outputs for connecting external devices, as well as a trigger control output. It has a device and a headphone jack.


The Atoll IN200 Signature amplifier also provides the possibility of subsequent upgrade. It can be equipped with another linear Aux input on a 3.5 mm mini-jack connector, as well as a DAC module, which is not included in the standard package by default and must be purchased separately. The latter is based on the AK4490 chip and is equipped with coaxial, optical and USB inputs, as well as a Buetooth receiver.


Selected Mundorf MKP capacitors in reinforced housings are used in the signal transmission circuits. The device is distinguished by very high quality workmanship, typical of premium audio equipment. To connect acoustics, custom screw terminals are provided here, and all connectors have gold-plated contact surfaces.


You can control the Atoll IN200 Signature both from the front panel and from the remote control. The device is equipped with an OLED display that emits virtually no interference and has high contrast; The shape and placement of the display is the same as other models in the series.

Characteristics of Atoll IN 200 Signature

Output power 2 x 120 W (8 Ohm), 2 x 200 W (4 Ohm)
Frequency range 5 Hz – 100 kHz
Signal-to-noise ratio 100 dB
Input impedance 200 kOhm
Inputs 5 linear RCA, ByPass
Outputs 2 PreOut , for recording, for headphones
Audio outputs 1 pair of screw terminals
Sensitivity 100 mV
Additionally trigger output 12 V Slew
rate of the output signal 2.5 µs
Power supply 670 VA
Total filter capacitance 8 x 6800 µF
Dimensions (WxHxD) 440 x 90 x 270 mm
Weight 12 kg