Audia Flight FLS20
Audia Flight FLS20
Audia Flight FLS20

Audia Flight FLS20: SACD Player With Double DAC and Multiple Power Supplies

Audia Flight has unveiled the FLS20 SACD player, which boasts a dedicated top-loading slot for discs and utilizes a differential mode converter with two 32-bit Saber ES9038Pro DAC chips per channel, synchronized by a high-precision Crystek CCHD-950 ultra-low noise clock.

The FLS20 is equipped with ten low-noise voltage stabilizers to ensure precise power delivery to sensitive circuits, along with four additional voltage stabilizers for the balanced output stages of the device.

The manufacturer has meticulously designed the disc drive system of the FLS20 to eliminate vibrations, both internal and external, through an extensive process of hearings and technical measures to ensure top-notch sound performance.

Audia Flight FLS20: SACD Player With Double DAC, Multiple Power Supplies And Neat Output Stage.

Featuring a robust chassis with a thick aluminum front panel, the FLS20 offers fully balanced Class A output stages with a discrete current feedback circuit, providing both balanced and unbalanced analog outputs.

The power supply of the FLS20 incorporates three independent toroidal transformers for the analog stages (80VA), digital stages (85VA), and control circuits (15VA), ensuring optimal performance across different components.

Acting as a DAC, the FLS20 includes four digital inputs (Toslink, AES/EBU, S/PDIF, and USB) and four digital outputs (Toslink, AES/EBU, S/PDIF, and I2S), with the option to add a streamer card for enhanced functionality.

With dimensions of 450x134x364 mm and a weight of 17 kg, the FLS20 is available in silver and black variants, priced at €17,900, with an optional streamer board available for €2,200.


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