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AURALiC introduces the new S1 audio streamer

AURALiC introduces its latest innovations, which are the S1 series of audio streamers, the ALTAIR G2.2 based on the Tesla G3 streaming platform and the release of software version...


AURALiC introduces its latest innovations, which are the S1 series of audio streamers, the ALTAIR G2.2 based on the Tesla G3 streaming platform and the release of software version 10.0. AURALiC will present these innovations to the public at the High End Munich audio show to be held from May 9 to 12, 2024.

AURALiC S1: pure essence of sound

The S1 is the latest entry-level audio streamer from AURALiC. Featuring AURALiC’s advanced Tesla G3 streaming platform, the S1 uses premium audio technology developed for the G2.2 reference products, including Direct Memory Access (DMA), Direct Data Recording (DDR), Fusion DAC, Galvanic Isolation and more.

The S1 series consists of two models: the ARIES S1 with USB and digital outputs and the VEGA S1 with XLR and RCA analog outputs. Both models offer a seamless streaming experience over Ethernet thanks to AURALiC’s proprietary Lightning DS software, AirPlay 2, TIDAL Connect, Spotify Connect, Internet Radio and a range of digital inputs. Additionally, the S1 will be Roon Ready once Roon certification is completed. For enthusiasts who want to take their music to the next level, AURALiC introduces the optional S1 Purer-Power External Power Supply Unit. Designed to further enhance sound quality, it offers an unsurpassed sonic experience for those who demand the utmost in performance and fidelity.

AURALiC ALTAIR G2.2: fully featured powerhouse for digital and analog sources

The ALTAIR name has always symbolized a wealth of capabilities and functionality, and the latest version, the G2.2, continues this tradition with even more new features. The ALTAIR G2.2 is powered by the state-of-the-art Tesla G3 streaming platform and includes a number of new capabilities not previously used in its predecessors, including the use of Direct Data Recording (DDR), Fusion DAC and Galvanic Isolation, all intended to take sound quality to new heights.

In addition to these improvements, the ALTAIR G2.2 now also has an HDMI eARC input. This addition ensures smooth integration with a wide range of sound sources. This makes the ALTAIR G2.2 the ultimate hub for audiophiles looking for uncompromising performance and versatility.

Lightning OS V10: increasingly powerful streaming

AURALiC’s critically acclaimed Lightning Streaming platform celebrates its 10th anniversary with the highly anticipated release of the Version 10.0 firmware. This update is an absolute milestone and offers PureDAC mode and Tone Mode for even better sound quality.  Lightning OS V10 is now available for download via Over-The-Air updates for all eligible products, marking a quantum leap in audio performance and functionality for all AURALiC users worldwide.

AURALiC ARIES S1: streaming processor with digital outputs

The ARIES S1 has undergone an important evolution and has changed from a pure streaming transport or bridge into a powerful streaming processor. With its advanced built-in processor capabilities, the ARIES S1 now offers a plethora of features for optimizing the audio signal: a high-quality resampler, a parametric equalizer, speaker placement compensation, loudness leveling and Dirac Live integration.

The S1 is the first ARIES that has digital inputs; coaxial, USB and twice Toslink. Using the built-in Tesla G3 platform, the ARIES S1 processes the signal, effectively removing jitter and artifacts before applying user-selected processor functions to improve sound quality. The processed signal is then output via a digital or USB connection, providing a richer listening experience that remains true to the original source.

AURALiC VEGA S1: streaming DA converter

The VEGA S1 represents the pinnacle of AURALiC’s state-of-the-art DAC technology and excels in both hardware and software. At the heart of this is AURALiC’s own Fusion DAC, a groundbreaking innovation that seamlessly integrates the best elements of discrete ladder DACs and Delta-Sigma designs. In addition to this advanced DAC technology, the VEGA S1 includes an analog volume control and an analog preamplifier derived from the renowned VEGA G2.2, guaranteeing a listening experience with unparalleled detail and precision.


AURALiC breaks new ground and introduces two groundbreaking technologies in the VEGA S1: the PureDAC mode and the Tone Mode control. PureDAC mode allows the VEGA S1 to disable all streaming and network-related functions and allocate all available resources to digital signal processing and conversion tasks. In this mode, the VEGA S1 uses Direct Data Recording technology where music signals from any digital or USB input received within the last hour are stored in the Tesla G3’s system memory, allowing users to enjoy music from anywhere. can be replayed at any time. In addition, the Tone Mode control refines the sonic character of the DAC by adding harmonic elements to the music signal. This is done on the basis of a model that emerged from psychoacoustics. This innovative feature enhances the listening experience and takes the VEGA S1 to a new level of sound quality and musical enjoyment.

AURALiC PSU S1: external power supply


For those looking for an even higher level of sound quality, AURALiC offers an optional upgrade: the S1 External Purer-Power Supply Unit. This module bypasses the internal power supply of the ARIES S1 and VEGA S1 and doubles the current capacity, ensuring better performance. With two special transformers and Purer-Power low noise power supply circuits, this upgrade module provides total galvanic isolation between the Tesla G3 processor circuit and the audio circuits. This separation removes interference and minimizes noise levels, resulting in superior sonic performance that takes your listening experience to new heights.

AURALiC S1 and ALTAIR G2.2: prices and delivery information

Both the ARIES S1 and the VEGA S1 will be available through AURALiC’s dealers from early June 2024 and each have a retail price of just under $2,000. The optional external S1 Purer-Power power supply has a retail price of just under $1,000.

The sales price of the ALTAIR G2.2 is just under $6,000. This highly anticipated new product will be available from mid-June 2024 through AURALiC’s network of authorized partners.