Auris Headonia 300B
Auris Headonia 300B
Auris Headonia 300B

Auris Headonia 300B: Handcrafted Serbian headphone amplifier

The Auris Headonia 300B headphone amplifier redefines excellence in performance, design, and craftsmanship, delivering an unmatched listening experience to both audiophiles and professionals across the globe.

Every component, including the meticulously chosen lamps, has been hand-picked to ensure unparalleled quality. According to the manufacturer, the Auris Headonia 300B offers impeccable sound reproduction, remarkable clarity, and an immersive soundstage that breathes life into music like never experienced before.

Auris Headonia 300B
Auris Headonia 300B

The skilled technicians in Serbia meticulously handcraft each unit of the Headonia 300B amplifier. This exceptional amp utilizes carefully selected 300B tubes, renowned for their rich and natural sound quality, as well as their musicality.

Furthermore, the amplifier’s design radiates an ageless charm and a sense of opulence. Constructed with 8-10 mm thick aluminum, it effectively minimizes interference, while its legs consist of a combination of rubber, plastic, and metal to eradicate vibrations.

Auris Headonia 300B back panel
Auris Headonia 300B back panel

To ensure utmost precision, the amplifier incorporates Japanese Alps potentiometers, known for their accuracy, and German-made Mundorf capacitors. Additionally, Lundahl transformers with balanced inputs are employed to further enhance the audio experience.

Moreover, the amplifier features a headphone impedance selector on the top, offering options such as 32Ω, 80Ω, 150Ω, 300Ω, and 600Ω.

The device features three analog inputs – two RCA and one XLR, along with two outputs – one XLR and one RCA. Additionally, it includes a stunning OLED screen on the front that displays the settings menu, such as adjusting light intensity and monitoring lamp life, as well as indicators. It also offers a 3.5mm jack and a 4-pin XLR for headphones.

Auris Headonia 300B
Auris Headonia 300B


  • Analog inputs: 2 x RCA, 1 x XLR
  • Analog outputs: 1 x 6.3mm, 1 x XLR
  • Pre Out outputs: 1 x RCA, 1 x XLR
  • Tubes: 2 x 300B, 2 x CV181/6SN7
  • Output level: max: 7 W
  • Output Impedance: 32 | 80 | 150 | 300 | 600 Ω
  • Distortion THD+N: 0.4% at 1W
  • Frequency response: 0.4% at 1W of out power
  • SNR: 100dB
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 46 x 44 x 31 cm


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