Røde announces acquisition of Mackie
Røde announces acquisition of Mackie
Røde announces acquisition of Mackie

Australian company Røde Microphones announces acquisition of American company Mackie

Australian audio giant Røde Microphones is expanding its empire by adding renowned American company Mackie to its portfolio. The deal, valued at $120 million, promises a new wave of innovation in professional audio.

For Peter Friedman, founder of Røde, this move is not just a purchase of another brand, but also an opportunity to expand his strategy in the field of audio production. Along with Mackie, Denny Olesch, the company’s technical director and founder of SM Pro Audio, a well-known name in the industry, is joining Røde.

Røde’s tactics are gradually being revealed: after Transom Capital’s investment in Bose Professional, a move away from Mackie looks like a logical step. By the way, Transom Capital has already parted ways with other iconic brands such as Ampeg, EAW and Martin Audio.

Denny Olesch, who previously headed SM Pro Audio and developed innovative products such as the uMiX digital mixers with Wi-Fi control and USB recording, will now contribute to Røde’s products. Thus, Røde not only eliminates a competitor from the market, but also has the opportunity to take the Mackie brand to the next level with its manufacturing capabilities.

The merger of two audio industry icons, Røde and Mackie, promises to be a new chapter in the history of both companies. Their combined potential can bring a number of innovative solutions for audiophiles and professionals. Peter Friedman, inspired by Mackie’s long history and contributions to the industry, is ready to turn a new page in the evolution of sound.

The Mackie team is looking forward to working with Røde with big product announcements ahead of NAMM ’24. The two brands joining forces could lead to significant growth and opportunity for both companies.