AVM 30.3 series
AVM 30.3 series
AVM 30.3 series

AVM 30.3: Third generation amplifiers, media players & power amplifiers

AVM has unveiled the third generation of its “neoclassics” series. The latest AVM offerings come equipped with streaming capabilities, HDMI connectivity, and exceptional amplifier performance.

AVM AS 30.3 integrated amplifier

The AVM AS 30.3 stands out with its 125 watts per channel, comprehensive streaming functions, phono MM/MC compatibility, digital inputs and outputs, along with an HDMI-ARC input, positioning itself as the most contemporary and versatile integrated amplifier on the market.

Media player AVM MP 30.3

(Image: AVM)

The AVM MP 30.3 media player represents the latest evolution of high-performance CD players, merging traditional playback with all streaming capabilities and HDMI input. It serves as the perfect upgrade from older CD players, facilitating a seamless transition into the streaming era with the acclaimed RCX APP. Besides an HDMI-ARC input, it also provides various digital connectivity options, making it an all-encompassing media solution.

AVM PAS 30.3 preamplifier and MA 30.3 MK2 mono power amplifier

The PAS 30.3 and MA 30.3 MK2 now incorporate AVM’s premier amplification technology within the 30.3 series of the AVM Neoclassics, elevating the lineup with their advanced features.

The AVM PAS 30.3 preamplifier seamlessly integrates AVM’s X-STREAM technology, Phono MM/MC capability, HDMI, and various other digital and analog inputs, making it a comprehensive solution for audio enthusiasts.
(Photo: AVM)


The corresponding mono power amplifiers are the renowned AVM ‘veteran’ in Class A/AB, now available in the latest version delivering over 300W, thanks to a completely newly developed power supply.
(Photo: AVM)


Naturally, all streaming-capable neoclassics are pre-equipped for AVM’s new multiroom system, Room ConneXion, and they also come with an all-aluminum remote control as part of the package.

Prices and availability of the AVM 30.3 series

‚ÄčAll components of the AVM 30.3 series are now available in the colors silver, black and, for an additional charge, also in the typical AVM Cellini chrome finish.

  • AVM AS 30.3 integrated amplifier from $3,590
  • AVM MP 30.3 media player from $3,490
  • AVM PAS 30.3 preamplifier from $2,990
  • AVM MA 30.3 MK2 power amplifier from $3,990 (pair)

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