AVM Audio CS 30.3: High-resolution streaming for the masses

AVM Audio CS 30.3
AVM Audio CS 30.3

Following tradition and drawing on extensive experience since the 1990s in developing compact all-in-one devices with high sound quality, AVM has created the new CS 30.3 CD receiver based on the AVM X-STREAM Engine® streaming module. Numerous innovations have been introduced, including the new RCX application, which fully controls the AVM Audio CS 30.3. Bulky devices and cables become unnecessary as all modern connections are available, allowing you to connect even a TV via HDMI ARC. To achieve the goal of creating one of the most powerful-sounding compact all-in-ones in the world, AVM engineers miniaturized the proven audio technologies of the flagship CS 8.3 masterpiece and housed it in a sleek design with no visible screws.


In terms of sound quality, the AVM Audio CS 30.3 also takes a big leap forward. This improvement in sound quality is based on the use of a 125 W amplifier stage, which effortlessly powers even high-quality speakers at any volume. The new amplifier stages are based on the circuitry of the flagship OVATION CS 8.3 receiver and are optimized for use in the AVM Audio CS 30.3 cabinet.


The digital section of the AVM Audio CS 30.3 has been completely redesigned from the ground up as part of the new development, as this critical part of the AVM Audio CS 30.3 is also based on many years of AVM experience. The DAC is a select new generation ESS chip (9038 Q2 M): sonically it represents a significant improvement, benefiting all digital audio sources and ideally reproducing high-resolution formats.


Additional digital inputs and USB-A are included as standard. Particular attention was paid to the phono stage input stage for MM and MC cartridges. This precision input stage has been completely redesigned for the CS 30.3, delivering even better sound, especially in combination with the perfectly matched AVM ROTATION turntable. Another completely new feature is the CS 30.3’s digital outputs, whose volume can also be adjusted. The TV is easily connected and conveniently controlled via the HDMI ARC input.


One of AVM’s main activities has been the development of a completely redesigned control with the RCX app for iOS (Apple) and Android devices. The new, redesigned RCX app offers a clear overview of all important functions. Simple, intuitive controls and a beautifully designed user interface make working with even large music collections easy and child’s play. All this stimulates the search for new music on numerous streaming services such as TIDAL, Qobuz or HighResAudio.


The new AVM X-STREAM Engine® enables high-resolution streaming of all formats, including DSD (256). This advanced “engine” is entirely AVM’s own development and is software-based, meaning it can be updated online to stay up-to-date well into the future. The kit also includes an HDMI (ARC) interface and a modern version of Bluetooth. In addition, basic functions can also be controlled using the included aluminum RC 3 remote control.

AVM Audio CS 30.3 Features

Output power 2 x 125 W
AVM X-STREAM Engine® module for streaming HiRes files, including DSD (256), controlled from RC X App for iOS and Android
Ready for Spotify Connect, Qobuz, Tidal Connect, HiResAudio, and Webradio (the list is growing)
High-quality phono input, switchable for MM and MC heads
Impedance matching using plug-in adapters
HDMI (ARC) input + 2 digital SPDIF inputs (coaxial, optical)
USB-A port for external hard drives (NTFS and FAT)
2 high level inputs (switchable for Hometheater Thruput)
Airplay 2, ROON ready, Bluetooth 5.0
Multiroom functions with AVM RoomConneXion®
2 digital outputs (SPDIF , optical), with volume control
Front panel headphone output
Signal processing with oversampling up to 192 kHz/24-bit
Tone controls and parametric loudness, with bypass function (controllable from the RC X app)
Dimmable graphic display with touch and proximity sensors
Comprehensive selection of functions in the menu (adjustment of input sensitivity, naming and much more)
Minimum consumption in standby mode
Compact dimensions (WxHxD): 340x100x320 mm
Finish options: Aluminum silver or black brushed aluminum, as well as CELLINI with chrome-plated facade (for extra) board)
Remote control type RC 3 in aluminum housing

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