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Best speaker cables: Achieving high-quality sound

We have curated a list of top speaker cables 2024, providing a comprehensive rating to help you select the perfect connector based on your preferences and budget. 8. Chord Company ShawlineX Conductor...

best speaker cables 2024
best speaker cables 2024

We have curated a list of top speaker cables 2024, providing a comprehensive rating to help you select the perfect connector based on your preferences and budget.

8. Chord Company ShawlineX

8. Chord Company ShawlineX

Conductor – silver-plated copper | Section – n/a | Insulation – polyvinyl chloride

Pros – excellent design, collected and accurate sound

Cons – slightly limited bass

Verdict – in terms of price/quality, this model has few competitors

Chord Company’s newest ShawlineX speaker cable stands out with its exclusive XLPE (Cross-linked Polyethylene) dielectric, which utilizes a network of polymers with interwoven molecular bonds to deliver exceptional shielding capabilities. The cable also features stylish ChordOhmic connectors, 1.31 mm2 conductors crafted from silver-plated purified copper, and a robust “armor-piercing” design with an inner shell made of LS0H thermoplastic and an outer shell made of PVC. Not only does it excel in its construction, but the sound quality itself is both powerful and accurate.

7. AudioQuest Rocket 33 FR-BFAS

7. AudioQuest Rocket 33 FR-BFAS

Conductor – copper | Section – 2.08 mm2 | Insulation – polyvinyl chloride

Pros : great scale

Cons – may not seem aggressive enough on heavy genres

Verdict – AudioQuest Rocket will be able to “push the walls” of your hall

The Dual Triple series from AudioQuest provides bi-wiring at a reasonable price compared to other connectors in its class. The AudioQuest Rocket 33 FR-BFAS model delivers a powerful sound and its design exudes sophistication with its FR-BFAS terminals, a total LGC cross-sectional area of 14 AWG (2.08 mm2) for the LF line of the group, and 16 AWG (1.31 mm2) for the MF/HF line-groups, along with quality PVC insulation.

6. Purist Audio Design Jade Diamond Revision

6. Purist Audio Design Jade Diamond Revision

Conductor – copper | Section – 3.3088 mm2 | Insulation – polyvinyl chloride

Pros : Incredible detail

Cons – somewhat narrowed scene

Verdict – a cable you can fall in love with immediately

The Purist Audio Design Jade Diamond Revision, launched in honor of the company’s 35th anniversary, features an impressively low resistivity of 0.0004437888 ohm/m and a conductor cross-section of 3.3088 mm2. This cable stands out for its remarkable level of detail and dynamics, positioning Purist Audio well ahead of its competitors in the industry. Additionally, the cable assembly is of top-notch quality.

5. Van Den Hul The Inspiration Hybrid

5. Van Den Hul The Inspiration Hybrid

Conductor – copper-zinc-silver | Section – 2.96×2 mm2 | Insulation – polyvinyl chloride

Pros – air, air and more air

Cons – punch on the bass can be annoying

Verdict – the choice of jazz and classical lovers

The Van Den Hul The Inspiration Hybrid cable incorporates 2×296 core assemblies, boasting a resistivity of 0.34/100 Ohm/m and a specific capacitance of 318 pF/m. This cutting-edge acoustic connector represents the latest addition to the esteemed company’s product lineup. With a robust protective screen, it effectively minimizes external interference in the signal transmission system. Additionally, it features a dedicated central grounding conductor (1.97 mm2/AWG 14) that enhances noise reduction by connecting the speakers and grounding the amplifier. The stranded conductors are crafted from Fusion material (copper-zinc-silver) with a conductive layer of LSC (Linear Structured Carbon) enveloping them. The cable’s exceptional sound quality is characterized by its remarkable volume.

4. Ansuz Acoustics Speakz X2

4. Ansuz Acoustics Speakz X2

Conductor – silver-plated copper | Section – 4+4×1 mm2 | Insulation – Teflon

Pros – the sound is hard to find fault with (taking into account the price category)

Cons – nothing significant

Verdict – Ansuz Acoustics Speakz X2 grabs the stars from the sky

The Ansuz Acoustics brand is quickly establishing itself in the High End market. Although the cable for connecting Speakz X2 speakers is not yet equipped with renowned proprietary technologies like reverse inductors, it boasts a robust design. The cable features proprietary aluminum connectors, 2×4 twisted pairs, and solid 4+4x1mm2 conductors made of silver-plated copper, all encased in luxurious Teflon insulation. As for the sound quality, it is impeccable, leaving no room for any complaints. The audio is dynamic, precise, and crystal clear.

3. Atlas Mavros GRUN Luxe 2-2 Transpose Z gold 

3. Atlas Mavros GRUN Luxe 2-2 Transpose Z gold

Conductor – copper | Section – n/a | Insulation – Teflon

Pros – reference standard for a high price category

Cons – none

Verdict – the starting point for many developers

The Atlas Mavros GRUN Luxe has received high praise from critics and audio enthusiasts for its exceptional performance. With a resistivity of 0.0035 ohm/m and a specific inductance of 0.3412 µH/m, this cable delivers a grandiose, full-bodied sound with realistic imaging. Its construction includes a solid central copper conductor, insulated thin cores with Teflon tape, and a twisted system encased in cotton, paper, and nappa leather. Additionally, it features the GRUN coherent grounding system and gold connectors secured with cold welding for optimal performance.

2. Ansuz Acoustics Speakz C2

2. Ansuz Acoustics Speakz C2

Conductor – silver-plated copper | Section – 2×2+24×0.3 mm2 | Insulation – Teflon

Pros – almost everything you can dream of – both a black background and diamonds

Cons – very expensive

Verdict – Ansuz proprietary technologies really work

Among the premium cables offered by Ansuz Acoustics, the Speakz C2 acoustic connector stands out with its aluminum terminals, 2×2 twisted pairs featuring 2×2+24×0.3 mm2 silver-plated copper conductors, and a filter system (4×6) with reverse inductors. The insulation is made of Teflon, resulting in a sound quality that resembles an open window to the street – making it evident why the price tag is justified.

1. Esprit Gaia

1. Esprit Gaia

Conductor – copper and silver | Cross-section – 1 680 0.08 mm copper and 1 mm silver conductors | Insulation – Teflon

Pros – the sound is from the “removed the curtain in front of the speakers” series

Cons – again, the price is prohibitive

Verdict – High End in all its glory and power

Esprit Gaia stands out as a prominent representative of the French High End school. This speaker cable is meticulously crafted using stranded Japanese copper of categories 5N and 6N, along with silver. In fact, a symmetrical design incorporates a total of 1,680 0.08 mm2 copper wires and 1 mm2 silver wires. The weaving pattern is asymmetrical, complemented by partial shielding and an asymmetrical dielectric. Additionally, active polarization technology enhances its performance, while the connectors are copper coated with silver. The remarkable sound quality of this model will make you realize that changing the connector can have a significant impact on the system, comparable to altering the amplifier, for instance.