Cambridge Audio CXA81 Mk II: Powerful Integrated Stereo Amplifier

The new Cambridge Audio integrated amplifier CXA81 Mk II is a powerful Class AB amplifier with 80 watts of power per channel and, in addition to its sound qualities, offers an extensive equipment package in a classic HiFi guise with symmetrical inputs, high-end DAC and Bluetooth aptX HD.

Class AB amplification with 2 x 80 watts of power

Since developing its first integrated amplifier in 1968, Cambridge Audio has always sought new ways to optimize the listening experience – recognizing that great sound never goes out of style. To further improve the CXA81’s already acclaimed sonic characteristics, Cambridge Audio engineers have retuned the CXA81 Mk II to further optimize the sound.


To achieve this goal, ten new high-quality components were integrated into the circuit, among other things. The result is even greater clarity and musicality. The classic combination of Class AB amplification and a powerful toroidal transformer powers even demanding loudspeakers with 80 W of power per channel. The Cambridge Audio CXA81 Mk II maintains full authority over your music to reveal every emotion and nuance within it.

Balanced inputs, high-end DAC and Bluetooth aptX HD

Cambridge Audio CXA81 Mk II integrated amplifier
Thanks to its RCA and (Image: Cambridge Audio)

Bluetooth aptX HD is also integrated and enables wireless listening without sacrificing quality. For example, a Cambridge Audio Alva turntable can be connected to the integrated amplifier quickly and easily. The CXA81 Mk II achieves the highest quality of sound through the use of the digital-to-analog converter ESS ES9018K2M SABER32. This new DAC gives the amplifier reference-level capabilities and outstanding sonic resolution no matter what digital source is chosen.

Perfectly coordinated: CXA81 Mk II with CXN100 and CXC

The CXA81 Mk II stereo integrated amplifier complements Cambridge Audio’s recently introduced CXN100 network player , which impressively replaces the highly acclaimed CXN V2. The CX series is rounded off by the CXC Compact Disc Transport.

The components, perfectly coordinated by the engineers at the Melomania headquarters, form a sonically outstanding HiFi system that takes its listeners to the highest sonic dimensions.

Cambridge Audio CXA81 Mk II integrated amplifier
This control panel shows the minimalist yet super functional controls on the front of the amplifier. (Image: Cambridge Audio)

Prices and availability

The Cambridge Audio CXA81 Mk II will be available from May 2024 in the Cambridge Audio webshop and from authorized dealers at a price of 1,199.00 euros.​

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