Cambridge Audio One
Cambridge Audio One
Cambridge Audio One

Cambridge Audio One: Compact stereo receiver with built-in CD player

The compact Cambridge Audio One stereo receiver with built-in CD-Audio player makes a good base for a cabinet audio system. The device is made in a metal case with a thick front panel on which all the main controls are located, as well as a bright fluorescent display. The CD player has a convenient slot loading disc, which works quickly and almost silently. In addition to CD-Audio discs, Cambridge Audio One can also play CD-R/RW with MP3 and WMA files. Of course, the receiver also has a built-in FM tuner with automatic and manual tuning modes and a memory for 10 stations. Additional functionality of the One includes a clock with an alarm function. The Cambridge Audio One also has a built-in Bluetooth adapter, which allows it to wirelessly receive audio from most phones, tablets and laptops.


The front panel of the receiver also has a 3.5 mm input for connecting portable players and a headphone output. Inputs for two more signal sources (in the form of RCA sockets) are located at the rear. When transmitting the audio signal from the station to the receiver, a noise reduction circuit is used to ensure the best sound quality for music. In addition, One is equipped with a line output for connecting recording devices and a connector for connecting an active subwoofer. Two pairs of screw terminals for speaker systems allow the use of cables with banana connectors and are located at a sufficient distance from each other for convenient use.


The built-in amplifier operates in class AB and produces 30 W per channel. To increase the efficiency of its operation, a fairly large toroidal transformer is installed in the design of the power supply; to save space, it is installed vertically between the radiators of the amplifier. The supply power reserve eliminates voltage sags even when operating at maximum volume, and to minimize crosstalk moving from one circuit to another along the power bus, the transformer has a good dozen windings – individually for different sections of the circuit. In addition, despite its exceptionally tight packaging, the Cambridge Audio One has good shielding from both internal and external electromagnetic interference.


The role of the built-in DAC is performed by the Wolfson WM8728 chip. Many audiophiles are suspicious of it, but we must admit that Cambridge Audio engineers know what they are doing when they take on the Wolfson instead of the currently fashionable Saber and AKM. Cambridge Audio One has an output power of 2 x 25 W (8 ohms), and is designed to work with full-range bookshelf speakers. You can customize the One’s sound character using the bass and treble tone controls. The CD receiver comes with a full-featured remote control.

Specifications Cambridge Audio One

Output power 2 x 25 W, (8 Ohm), 2 x 30 W (4 Ohm)
Playback CD-Audio, CD-R/RW (MP3, WMA)
USB USB Audio 1.0 (24 bit / 96 kHz)
Inputs 3 linear analog, for docking station
Outputs for subwoofer, headphones, acoustics (screw)
Frequency range 5 Hz – 20 kHz (+/- 0.5 dB)
Signal-to-noise ratio more than 92 dB
Harmonic distortion less than 0.03 %
Tone control Bass (+/- 12 dB, 100 Hz), Treble (+/- 10 dB, 10 kHz)
Additionally X-Bass bass boost circuit (+ 8 dB)
tdFM tuner (87.5 – 108 MHz), RDS , memory for 10 stations
Compatible with docking station DD30, for iPod (Classic, Touch, 1 – 5 Generation), playback, control, charging
Remote control yes
Clock with alarm yes
Auto-shut-off timer yes
Dimensions (W x H x D) 215 x 90 x 350 mm
Weight 4.6 kg