Chord launches BurndyX and BurndyT cables for Naim Audio components

Chord BurndyX and BurndyT
Chord BurndyX and BurndyT

British cable brand Chord Company offers owners of Naim Audio components equipped with Burndy connectors for connecting external power supplies the opportunity to upgrade their supplied cables with new BurndyT and BurndyX connectors . We are talking about Naim NAC 552, 555 PS, SNAXO, XPS and SuperLine models.

During the development of the new Burndy cables, Chord used a Naim Audio NAP 300 amplifier for testing. Chord Company’s first cable for Naim Audio components was created back in 1984. The new BurndyX and BurndyT cable models are based on Chord’s first Burndy implementations (2020) with numerous updates including the patented XLPE insulation in the entry-level BurndyX.

 Chord BurndyX cable

The Chord BurndyX is an entry-level cable that combines nearly 40 years of Chord Company cable design experience with an affordable price. The cable is handcrafted to order and consists of stranded silver-plated OFC conductors with XLPE insulation, complemented by dense silver-plated braiding combined with high-frequency foil shielding. The cable ends with plugs coated with ChorAlloy. Chord BurndyX is designed to connect to all compatible Naim Audio products, including 12 and 23 output models (Type 3 and Type 4).

 Chord BurndyT cable

The new Chord BurndyT cable replaces the previous generation model in the Chord Company range. BurndyT cables are handcrafted by Chord in the UK using precision components. According to Chord, they are made from the highest quality materials and meet the company’s manufacturing standards, from flagship Taylon insulated conductors to multi-layer shields that protect sensitive signals from high-frequency noise.

 Chord BurndyT cable

The Chord BurndyT connector pins are also plated with ChorAlloy: a multi-metal plating technology that provides a “significant improvement in sound” over previous gold/silver plating methods.

Chord Bridge plug

As part of Burndy’s cable upgrade program, the Bridge plug has also been updated to cover unused Naim Audio optional power supply connectors to reduce high-frequency noise and includes proprietary ChorAlloy-coated connector pins.

Chord Company’s Burndy series cables are available in a variety of configurations, with prices ranging from £880 ( BurndyX ) to £1,760 ( BurndyT ) . Bridge plugs are available for £500.