DAART Asura: Headphone amplifier, streamer and DAC combined

For the last twenty years, the team at YULONG has been dedicated to crafting a music ecosystem tailored to their passionate customers. It all began with the creation of the second generation YULONG JIC processor, where they decided to integrate SPDIF DIR with FPGA instead of using the typical digital receivers found in the industry.

This decision significantly enhanced the quality of the digital signal. Through five subsequent generations, DAART continued to enhance the USB interface for faster speeds and added support for DSD1024/PCM1536. Now, with the sixth generation JIC processor, DAART developed a more powerful version that can decode online broadcasts based on local time and supports streaming services like Airplay, DLNA, and Roon.

The Asura comes with a dual-core processor and 512 MB of RAM, along with a gigabit network port. Custom Linux-based operating system enables seamless communication with the FPGA chipset, enabling the CPU+FPGA combination to handle resource-intensive tasks like Internet streaming, USB interface, and SPDIF functions. Unlike the conventional approach of using separate computing units, advanced sixth generation processing technology demonstrates its superiority.


DAART Asura uses the processor’s Slave I2S port during Internet streaming operations, while traditional Internet streaming almost exclusively uses the Master I2S port. When the Master I2S port is used, the audio master clock is provided by the processor’s internal clock. The performance of this hour when streaming is insufficient, leaving much to be desired. The big advantage of Slave I2S mode over Master I2S is that it uses a master clock signal generated by a synchronized local low noise audio source or a designated FPGA phase lock, thereby improving the quality and accuracy of the output signal over the network.

DAART Asura uses the processor's Slave I2S port during Internet streaming operations, while traditional Internet streaming almost exclusively uses the Master I2S port.
DAART Asura uses the processor’s Slave I2S port during Internet streaming operations, while traditional Internet streaming almost exclusively uses the Master I2S port.

The JIC processing system utilizes a double-sided PCB board to ensure optimal performance. The processor is specifically designed to modulate audio signals, while the DC-DC power supply, critical cores, PLL, and crystal oscillator circuits are equipped with low spike voltages for smooth operation. The decoder features Asahi Kasei’s advanced AK4499EX DAC model, accompanied by two large capacitors and nanovolt noise levels. The power supply is robust and provides an accurate reference voltage. The headphone amplifier, similar to the DA1 in our flagship products, delivers a powerful 8W output power, more than sufficient for most headphones. As a result, you can expect the exceptional sonic performance that YULONG products are known for – open, transparent, and lively.

With Asura’s simplified operating system, you can effortlessly switch between different functions and corresponding circuit diagrams. Whether you’re streaming, decoding, amplifying headphones, or using it as a preamp.

Features of YULONG DAART Asura:

  • 6th generation Jitter and Interface Control (JIC).
  • Gigabit Ethernet port, dual-core processor, 512 MB memory, optimized and simplified Linux system.
  • Supports network streaming via Airplay, DLNA, Roon bridge in various modes.
  • Network streaming uses Slave I2S transmission from the FPGA PLL, providing local synchronization for stream playback.
  • AK4499EX + AK4191 + ADM7150 DAC with 1.7nV low noise reference voltage.
  • Self-developed FPGA+ULPI based USB interface supporting PCM1536KHz, DSD1024.
  • USB DFU interface for firmware and software updates.
  • High resolution display for dynamic spectrum, UV display, automatic screen shutdown, display interface selection customizable.
  • Dual clock generator (CLOCK1/2) modes, various combinations of filtering modes for different sound profiles.
  • Powered by a 50W Noratel toroidal linear power supply, optimized CPU power, with reference voltage noise levels up to 1.7nV.
  • High current preamp, fully balanced headphone amplifier, 99 levels analog volume control, suitable for headphones with different impedances.
  • Integrated aluminum alloy body with seamless design, tiger claw style legs to absorb shock, aesthetically pleasing, durable and practical.
  • Digital signal receiver FPGA demodulates COAX/Optical support for DoP64, DoP128, PCM 384KHz.
  • Support USB DoP64-DoP512, Native DSD64-DSD1024, PCM 16-32bit, 44.1-1536KHz.
  • Supports Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, Linux and other operating systems.

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