Dan D’Agostino set to launch Pendulum and Momentum C4

Dan D’Agostino Master Audio Systems was present on the exhibition floor of the High End in Munich and presented two interesting new models. The new Pendulum is the smallest integrated amplifier and the Momentum C4 preamplifier was also presented to the public.

Dan D’Agostino Pendulum: compact but high-quality and complete amplifier

The Pendulum from the American manufacturer Dan D’Agostino Master Audio Systems will be the smallest model, but it will bear Dan D’Agostino’s signature with the same pride as its larger relatives. The Pendulum is a very complete integrated amplifier with a phono pre-stage, DA converter with optical and HDMI eArc input, support for streaming audio and four analog inputs linked to a completely new amplifier circuit.

The specified power is 120 Watts per channel at eight Ohms and 240 Watts at four Ohms. The power therefore doubles at four ohms and this reflects the stability and power that Dan D’Agostino’s designs are so famous for.

With an expected price point just under $20.000, the Pendulum makes a clear statement among the current Progression Series. The Pendulum is expected to be available for delivery in September 2024

Dan D’Agostino Momentum C4: preamplifier with separate power supply

In addition to the Pendulum, Dan D’Agostino also introduced a new Momentum preamplifier. The Momentum C4 takes the core values ​​of the Pre HD and adds a number of novelties from the Relentless Pre Amp. For example, the external power supply that serves as the physical basis of the actual preamplifier is now super directly connected to each other with a special connector.

The newly developed input stage creates an even greater S/N ratio, allowing the C4, together with the further optimized power supply, to deliver even more fine nuances and detail to the connected power amplifier.

Yes, the eye wants something too. The Momentum C4 is perhaps the most beautiful preamplifier in the world and that is of course a nice bonus. Ok, tastes may differ, but the curved lines give the Momentum C4 a beautiful organic shape that seems to look at you in love. This may of course also have to do with the new two-way display in the power supply unit or the very beautiful milling of the chassis. It is really something different from the rectangular boxes of many competitors.

By the way, the remote control also has a very different shape. And no, it is not an IR remote control but a Bluetooth remote control with a rechargeable battery on board.

The Dan D’Agostino Momentum C4 is expected to be available early this summer with a suggested retail price of just under $61.000.

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