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Denon DCD-900NE: A serious CD player

The DCD-900NE stands as a distinguished CD player boasting the auditory precision synonymous with Denon’s PMA-900HNE stereo amplifier. However, its compatibility is not limited to this pairing alone; when integrated with other audio setups, the DCD-900NE continues to deliver outstanding performance. Boasting features like 32-bit upsampling, Denon’s advanced AL32 signal processing, a high-resolution 32-bit/192kHz digital-to-analog converter, and the ability to playback DSD/bitstream, FLAC, and a variety of other high-quality audio formats via USB, this CD player is an ideal choice for audiophiles looking to treat their CD collection with the respect it deserves.

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At the heart of the DCD-900NE’s exceptional audio output lies Denon’s exclusive 32-bit Advanced AL32 Processing Plus technology. This cutting-edge signal processing enhances all musical signals by upsampling them to 32-bit resolution before any additional processing. This significant boost in signal resolution enriches the audio with unparalleled detail and precision, both within and beyond the audible spectrum. The result is a strikingly natural and spacious sound reproduction, where spatial cues and ambient details are conveyed with an extraordinary clarity rarely experienced with conventional CD players.

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Moreover, the sophisticated DAC Master Clock design integral to the DCD-900NE meticulously optimizes signal timing (the “clock”) during transmission from the player to the amplifier. This optimization process effectively minimizes jitter noise—a type of digital distortion affecting the timing domain—thereby preserving the purity and integrity of the audio signal. Whether enjoying music at standard or high resolution, listeners will appreciate the nuanced audiophile-grade detail that the DCD-900NE brings to their auditory experience, setting a new benchmark for sound quality in home audio systems.

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  • Exclusive finish with front in black or silver aluminium
  • Advanced AL32 Processing Plus signal processing with 32-bit upsampling
  • Supports DSD bitstream, FLAC etc via USB
  • DAC Master Clock design
  • Available in both black and silver (Premium Silver)


  • No inputs for external digital audio sources
  • Not SACD playback from disc
  • Not SVH drive mechanism
  • No output for headphones

Available in either Premium Silver or a sleek black aluminum finish, the DCD-900NE also includes a system remote control for easy operation.

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