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DUNU DTC 480: DAC and headphone amplifier based on two CS43198 chips

DUNU DTC 480 is a new DAC and headphone amplifier based on two CS43198 chips.


Two Flagship CS43198 Chips
The DTC 480 is equipped with two flagship CS43198 DACs, delivering superior decoding performance. The device’s professional audio architecture includes an independent LDO power supply and active crystal oscillators, achieving a dynamic range and signal-to-noise ratio of 130 dB. With extremely low noise levels (<1 μV), it guarantees clear and stable sound quality.

Modular Design and Broad Compatibility
The DTC 480’s modular design ensures compatibility with a variety of platforms. The device decodes PCM audio up to 32-bit/384 kHz and DSD audio up to DSD256 on both computers and smartphones. In addition, it easily switches between UAC1.0 and UAC2.0, allowing game consoles to enjoy immersive Hi-Fi audio.


Elegant All-Metal Body: Exquisite and Portable
The DTC 480 body is constructed from a single block of aluminum alloy using precision CNC machining. Its exquisite sandblasted texture surface and unique logo on the bottom panel enhance the aesthetics and provide effective heat dissipation. Weighing only 20 grams, it is lightweight and portable, allowing you to enjoy high-quality sound anywhere.

Compact design with powerful output
Despite its compact size, the DTC 480 has a high output power. It features 3.5mm single-ended and 4.4mm balanced interfaces, offering high and low voltage output modes. With a maximum output voltage of 4V in high voltage mode, it can easily handle most headphones.

Precise Volume Control with Memory
The DTC 480 features independent hardware volume control with 60 levels of precision control, providing precise volume settings. The volume memory function retains your preferred volume levels when turned off, enhancing your listening experience. Multi-color LED indicators on the side make it easy to monitor the current status of the device.


Technical characteristics of DUNU DTC 480:

  • Digital to Analogue Converter (DAC): CS43198 x 2
  • Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR):
    • 125 dB (Single-Ended)
    • 130 dB (Balanced)
  • Dynamic Range:
    • 125 dB (Single-Ended)
    • 130 dB (Balanced)
  • Output power:
    • 65 mW @ 32 Ω (Single-Ended)
    • 150 mW @ 32 Ω (Balanced)
  • Harmonic distortion + noise (THD+N): 0.0002%
  • Decoding support:
  • PCM: 32Bit/384kHz
  • DSD: DoP 128 / Native 256
  • Input: USB Type-C
  • Outputs:
    • 3.5 mm TRS (Single-Ended)
    • 4.4 mm TRRRS (Balanced)

Price : $70

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