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Esoteric unveils the fully balanced phono amplifier Grandioso E1

Japanese audio brand Esoteric has announced that it will unveil its first phono amplifier in the Grandioso product line at the upcoming Tokyo International Audio Show 2024, which will take place over three days from July 26. The Grandioso E1 consists of two cabinets and the signal circuits are fully balanced. Delivery will begin in the fall of 2024.

Esoteric Grandioso E1: non-plus-ultra phono amplifier

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The Grandioso T1 from Esoteric is the first turntable and it was released to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the Japanese manufacturer. Technically, the Grandioso T1 is a masterpiece with the development of the innovative MagneDrive System. The turntable deserves a high-quality phono amplifier and that is the Grandioso E1. The flagship model Grandioso E1 is a fully balanced phono amplifier that is divided over two cabinets. By separating the circuits for power and control from the signal circuits, it is possible to amplify the audio signal in an extremely pure way.

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The separate power supply section has four independent internal systems (right channel/left channel/phono amplifier for optical cartridges/control circuit) and is connected to the phono amplifier using three dedicated DC cables (right channel/phono amplifier with optical cartridges/control circuit). This is done with the left channel/phono amplifier with optical cartridge). By dividing the power supplies into four independent systems, mutual interference between circuits is prevented, supporting the pure and powerful playback capabilities of the E1.

Of course, almost all elements can be used in combination with the Grandioso E1. The user can use MC elements, MM elements and optical elements (for example the optical elements from DS Audio).

The Grandioso E1 supports various equalization curves. In addition to the general RIAA curve, you can choose from popular EQ curves such as Columbia, Decca, NAB, Teldec and AES. By adjusting the EQ parameters individually, the user can also configure up to four custom curves.

Esoteric Grandioso E1: High Quality Buffer Amplifier

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The output buffer amplifier follows the technology of the Grandioso C1X. The HCLD (High Current Line Driver) from Esoteric, which features an incredibly high slew rate of 2,000 V/μs, is installed in a parallel configuration for one signal line. By sending a powerful and fast signal to the preamplifier, you get a lively sound. The output level can be precisely adjusted according to the element used.

Delivery is expected to begin in the fall of 2024. The price has yet to be announced.

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