exaSound S88exaSound S88
exaSound S88

exaSound S88: Reference-grade 32-bit DAC and Roon-Ready streamer

The exaSound S88 STREAMING DAC features a reference-grade 32-bit DAC and Roon-Ready streamer in a stylish full-size all-in-one design. The eight-channel s88 streaming DAC features enhancements such as self-contained balanced and single-ended I/V stages and proprietary exaSound three-way isolation, maximum resolution volume control and a high-performance headphone amplifier.


In addition, the s88 features proprietary asynchronous USB streaming, ASIO and Core Audio drivers, and an FPGA core to achieve a 32-bit, low-jitter, bit-perfect signal path. The s88 will play native DSD encoded files up to 8ch DSD256, DXD 352.8kHz and PCM up to 384kHz.

Newly released Tidal Connect support allows Tidal apps on iOS, Android, Mac OS and Windows to stream directly to the S88 Mark II. Audio optimization settings allow you to manually select PCM reconstruction filters and roll-off filters. Settings for SPDIF and optical TOSLINK inputs ensure compatibility with consumer devices that exhibit high jitter while maintaining audio purity.


In stereo mode, the s88 supports playback of DSD files and DSD512 streams. The manufacturer promised, in addition to the highest performance and ease of control, remote diagnostic functions, online updates, upgradable output stages and other support.

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