F.AUDIO FA4: Player with completely new software architecture and hardware platform

F.AUDIO FA4 is the result of two years of tireless research and development, as a result of which a completely new software architecture and hardware platform were created. 6-layer PCB with 40Z copper thickness and powerful processor running at 1GHz, ES9038Q2M DAC+7 op-amps provide support for high-resolution audio formats such as DSD1024 and PCM768kHz.


The revolutionary FA4 software
represents a paradigm shift in software functionality. It includes not only the standard settings, but also such revolutionary features as lightning-fast scanning of 200 GB files in just 20 seconds, customizable memory card speed settings, and seamless playback of SACD/ISO and CUE files. These enhancements redefine the user experience.

Audiophile sound quality
The FA4 raises the bar in audio quality. Compared to previous models, it provides superior levels of detail, an immersive sound field and an improved overall listening experience. Audiophiles will appreciate the excellent sound performance.

Convenient operation
Despite advanced features, FA4 retains a simple and intuitive user interface. It is designed with practicality and ease of use in mind, making it accessible to both beginners and experienced audio enthusiasts. This is a device that you will enjoy working with.

The FA4’s Bluetooth capabilities are second to none. It is equipped with Bluetooth assembly language system, which effectively supports APTX HD lossless transmission and playback. Whether you connect TWS headsets, car audio or wireless noise-canceling headphones, FA4 provides seamless connectivity. Additionally, it allows you to decode Bluetooth signal and control playback devices, making it a versatile audio companion for today’s lifestyle.

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