FiiO CP13
FiiO CP13
FiiO CP13

FiiO CP13: Portable high resolution cassette player unveiled

FiiO has announced the CP13 cassette player, which will most likely go on sale before the New Year.

At the moment there are a little more details than nothing, but we couldn’t help but share this news.

Fiio CP13

We all understand that FiiO most likely has the chance to make a decent product at a price that is not overpriced!

Old Sony Walkman

FiiO CP13 in tribute to the Sony Walkman

Unfortunately, we don’t know anything about the device other than it will likely be available in two colors – classic blue (a nod to the classic Sony Walkman) and white and black. The manufacturer notes that the colors in the renderings do not fully reflect reality.

FiiO CP13 blue

The FiiO CP13 has a USB-C connector, which is used only as a charging port. Therefore, we don’t think it can be connected to a computer. It’s a shame, because the ability to archive old recordings would be extremely attractive to many.

FiiO CP13 has player buttons stylized as those from the era. In addition, there is also an LED indicating the status and a headphone port. The volume is adjusted using a potentiometer, which also turns the device off. Unfortunately, the lack of other buttons may indicate that this model will not have Bluetooth, which will force owners to use wired headphones.


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