FiiO K11: Convenient functions and extensive connectivity options

FiiO k11
FiiO k11

With a full range of powerful audio outputs and convenient features, the K11 offers more cost-effective and comprehensive performance than any other product in its class. What’s more, the slim case with a minimalist design will become one of your favorite desktop hi-fi companions.

The FiiO K11 has USB inputs, optical and coaxial inputs, as well as 4.4 mm, 6.3 mm, RCA line output and coaxial output. With more inputs and outputs than typical entry-level desktop amplifiers, the K11 is capable of meeting your powerful system needs; into a 32 Ω load, the maximum output current in the balanced output reaches 1400 mW, which allows you to easily pump many types of full-size and IEM headphones.



In addition, the K11 houses a specially designed audio circuit for high-quality sound. This is backed by over 16 low-noise LDOs for precise voltage regulation and powered by an external 12V switching power supply.

The FiiO K11 has 3 separate gain levels, each level has its own volume curve. This allows the K11 to give you a better tactile experience with different types of headphones, whether you use sensitive headphones or gain-demanding models.

In addition, USB DAC mode requires no driver on Windows 10 and above, and can also be used with dedicated game consoles such as PS5 and Switch. Just plug and play without worrying whether you’re enjoying music or deep into games.



With a collection of audio outputs and professional audio architecture, the K11 still has a slim body. Its aluminum alloy body has an informative display for quick and clear control of the current operating status. The multi-function volume control not only helps you to quickly control various functions, but also to properly connect different headphones or audio systems.

As part of the minimalist design concept, the K11 is also believed to bring a different visual effect to your desktop. On the one hand, it is available simultaneously in two colors, Obsidian Black and Midnight Silver, to create a personal style on the desktop. On the other hand, it combines RGB ambient light in the FiiO logo, which allows you to quickly browse through different sample rates, as well as make the colors, backlight pattern and brightness adjustable.