FiiO KA17
FiiO KA17
FiiO KA17

FiiO KA17: Compact DAC with single-ended (3.5mm) and balanced (4.4mm) outputs

The new FiiO KA17 model provides an output power of up to 650 mW. Using two flagship ESS ES9069Q DACs, THX AAA 78+ amplification and the XMOS XU316 USB SoC, this compact DAC provides full support for 32-bit/768kHz, MQA and native Hi-Res DSD512 audio files.

FiiO KA17

Despite the KA17’s portable size, FiiO’s engineers managed to integrate single-ended (3.5mm) and balanced (4.4mm) headphone outputs into the slim body to provide maximum flexibility. The 3.5mm output also supports SPDIF output.

FiiO KA17

FiiO KA17 is an excellent solution for various systems, including Android, iOS, PC and others. Not only does the KA17 deliver powerful on-the-go audio from mobile sources thanks to its independent power supply, it also features a “tabletop mode” that can be manually selected to increase output power to an impressive 650mW.

FiiO KA17

In addition to making settings accessible via the built-in screen, the KA17 also works with the FiiO Control multimedia app for Android and iOS.
Settings include gain (high or low), filter (8 modes), SPDIF output, parametric equalizer, screen brightness, volume adjustment, and more.

Features of FiiO KA17:

  • DAC ESS ES9069Q
  • output power up to 650 mW
  • outputs: 3.5 mm and 4.4 mm
  • USB-C input for additional power
  • amplifier THX AAA 78+
  • USB XMOS XU316 chip
  • 32bit/768kHz, DSD512 and MQA
  • built-in display

Price: $149