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FiiO SR11: High-performance lossless music streamer

It took a whole year of fixing bugs and testing by users, but now the FiiO SR11 streamer is ready for everyone to buy! This high-quality music streamer, also called a streaming bridge, supports...

FiiO SR11
FiiO SR11

It took a whole year of fixing bugs and testing by users, but now the FiiO SR11 streamer is ready for everyone to buy! This high-quality music streamer, also called a streaming bridge, supports various network streaming protocols. With the right decoders, setting up a Hi-Fi streaming system with the SR11 is a breeze, allowing you to enjoy top-notch music streaming.

Fiio SR11

Enjoy the delights of streaming

The SR11 supports AirPlay and Roon Ready, and the MIX mode supports both of these protocols simultaneously. Connect your iPhone, iPad, MacBook, iMac or Mac mini and stream music to the SR11 via AirPlay for a smooth, convenient listening experience. With Roon, you can quickly play local music from your NAS or other devices and easily access the music catalogs of streaming services. If you have multiple audio systems, Roon allows you to control different devices to play different or the same music, providing a fully integrated and seamless streaming experience.

Multiple digital outputs

Optical, coaxial, USB Type-A and USB Type-C digital outputs provide easy connection to your device of choice for real-time music streaming.

Fiio SR11

Stable connection, wired and wireless​

The SR11 Ethernet port supports speeds up to 1000 Mbps over wired networks for fast and stable data transfer. The AP6256 Wi-Fi module supports dual-band 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless networks, which helps ensure stable wireless audio transmission.

Intuitive interface and ease of use

SR11 is equipped with an LCD display that allows you to quickly know the device’s operating mode, network status and current volume. The control knob allows you to easily perform various operations, providing complete control. What’s more, the included infrared remote control allows you to control the device from a long distance – making it extremely convenient to select inputs and outputs, set volume and other functions at the touch of a button.

The SR11 body is made of aluminum alloy, the device is compact and thin, and will be updated with new features.

Fiio SR11

Features of FiiO SR11:

  • Technical solution: SoC: X2000, WiFi module: AP6256, power supply: G2257QS1U, Ethernet: YT8531C
  • Color: Lunar Silver
  • Volume control: knob/remote control
  • Weight: about 375g
  • Dimensions: about 157x133x32.3 mm (including legs)
  • Operating modes: MIX (Roon Ready and AirPlay two in one), Roon Ready, AirPlay
  • Wireless network: 5G+2.4G dual-band Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n/ac
  • Maximum supported sampling rate for ROON: USB: 768 kHz-32 bit/DSD256 (DoP), Coaxial: 192 kHz-24 bit/DSD64, Optical: 192 kHz-24 bit/DSD64
  • Maximum supported sample rate for AirPlay: All PCM/DSD/MQA will be switched to 44.1kHz-16bit before output
  • Display: LCD
  • MQA: Support USB/Coaxial/Optical MQA output at full volume
  • Display details: sampling rate, volume level, operating mode, output mode, etc.
  • Digital output distortion: 0.000006% (0dB 1kHz 192kHz 24bit)
  • Firmware update: support update via USB flash drive (USB-A and Type-C ports)
  • Remote Control: Support IR Remote (Only the one included in the package)
  • Control and ports
  • Power button
  • Knob: Encoder knob (with volume control)
  • Digital coaxial output: RCA port
  • Digital optical output: optical port
  • USB: USB-A x 1 (data transfer) + Type-C x 2 (data transfer + power)
  • Wired network: Gigabit Ethernet port
  • Reset button: device on short press the reset button in the hole
  • Power Options
  • Static consumption: 250 mA (wired network connection, standard screen brightness and logo backlight)
  • Power: DC 5V/2A