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Gold Note IS-1000: The Audiophile Choice

Imagine a complete, high-quality stereo system housed in a beautiful aluminum cabinet. This is the Gold Note IS 1000. The all-in-one design solution is based on the latest technologies and...

Gold Note IS-1000
Gold Note IS-1000

Imagine a complete, high-quality stereo system housed in a beautiful aluminum cabinet. This is the Gold Note IS 1000. The all-in-one design solution is based on the latest technologies and components, allowing you to achieve true audiophile sound quality.

The Gold Note IS 1000 is a fully integrated amplifier that seamlessly combines preamp, power amp, phono stage, DAC and Streamer in a unique package. The new Class A / B amplifier with an output power of 150 W per channel produces crystal clear sound, conveying the finest details of music. The device has three analog inputs – one XLR and two RCA. A phono stage for cartridges with a MM/MC switch ensures excellent reproduction of vinyl records. The ability to disable the preamplifier allows the device to be used in a home theater system with an external processor. There is a USB port on the rear panel for connecting flash drives.

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Gold Note IS-1000 is an integrated stereo amplifier, which also includes a high-quality phono preamplifier, digital-to-analog converter (DAC) and streamer. The technical innovations involved in the development of the integrated amplifier were borrowed from the flagship Gold Note P-1000 preamplifier and Gold Note PA-1175 power amplifier. The D/A converter uses BurrBrown chips (PCM1796, PCM1792A), and the ideas for the phono stage are borrowed from the Gold Note PH-10 external phono stage.

On the front panel of the amplifier there is a large, quite informative screen that displays all operating modes of the device – an element that would seem to be not the most common for this class of devices, but with an abundance of different operating modes, it turns out to be a very popular exterior detail. By the way, you can turn it off if you wish. There is also a power indicator and a volume control, which also acts as an input selector and selection of various options.

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Gold Note IS-1000 is Roon Ready, fully compatible with multi-room systems and has quick plug & play installation. Simply connect the IS-1000 to your speakers and network (Wi-Fi or Ethernet), and you can start listening to music, streaming it via Tidal & MQA, Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify & Spotify Connect and Deezer with Roon using the proprietary application (for iOS and Android), or by playing your own digital music collection stored on NAS, HDD and USB drives.

Gold Note IS-1000 has 6 digital inputs (PCM up to 24 bit / 192 kHz): 3 optical (TOS), 1 coaxial (COAX), 1 USB type A (direct DSD 64 and via DoP), 1 Ethernet LAN and Wi-Fi Fi (direct DSD 64 and via DoP). There are also 3 analog inputs: 1 balanced XLR and 2 unbalanced RCA (one of which can work with MM/MC pickups). For connection to an external power amplifier, 2 pairs of RCA output connectors are provided (one pair with a fixed output, the second with an adjustable output). Thus, the IS-1000 combines, in addition to an amplifier, a DAC and a streamer – a highly relevant solution. In addition to all of the above, there is a power switch on the back and one pair of terminals for connecting acoustics – judging by the appearance, they are made by WBT. By the way, the amplifier operates in class A\B and has a power of 125\250 watts per channel, with a resistance of 4 and 8 ohms, respectively – by the way, you can optionally double the power of the device.


There are two ways to control the amplifier remotely. The first is simple and unoriginal – the package includes a small and ergonomic remote control, a plastic case. But to fully immerse yourself in all the capabilities of the Gold Note IS-1000, it is recommended to download the official free application, with which you can easily use all the digital functions of the device, as well as easily adjust the volume, even while in another room.

Gold Note IS 1000 is not only another victory for the Gold Note brand, but also another confirmation of the uniqueness of such a phenomenon as Italian audio equipment. Being a combination of good design, rich functionality and extraordinary, truly soulful sound, the Gold Note IS-1000 shows itself not only as an up-to-date device in all respects, but also clearly demonstrates that the modern approach to creating Hi-Fi\Hi-End equipment is not only it is not destructive for music, but is also capable of revealing it from a completely new side – the main thing is that the creator himself passionately loves what he produces!

Characteristics of Gold Note IS 1000 

Circuit design Semiconductor
Output power (at 8 Ohms) in W 2 x 125 W
Output power (at 4 Ohms) in W 2 x 250 W
Inputs and outputs
Inputs Digital inputs: 1 Coaxial (COAX), 1 USB type A , 1 Ethernet LAN & Wi-Fi
Analog inputs: 1 XLR balanced, 1 RCA Line & Phono MM/MC, 1 RCA Line
Outputs Analog outputs: 1 RCA adjustable, 1 RCA fixed
Features Phono stage
Yes Remote control Yes Built-in DAC Yes External parameters Dimensions (W x H x D) mm 430 x 135 x 375 Weight 18 kg