Gold Note P-1000 MKII
Gold Note P-1000 MKII
Gold Note P-1000 MKII

Gold Note P-1000 MKII: Pure Class A preamplifier

Gold Note has introduced the first pure Class A preamplifier in its portfolio, the P-1000. The basis of its design is a six-stage amplifier stage and Optical Encoder volume control. According to the manufacturer, the device consists of several ultra linear stages operating in class “A”. Special emphasis is placed on the ability to play both stereo and mono recordings, as well as on the channel inversion function for the best playback of any recordings. The ability to select one of three signal amplification options allows the P-1000 to work with any power amplifier and, ultimately, with any speaker systems.

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Gold Note developers pay additional attention to a special (exclusive) volume control, which is a block of relays/resistors that divides the entire volume range into 256 steps. According to them, the regulator preserves the sound quality of the original signal as much as possible without introducing additional distortion into it. New users of Gold Note equipment will appreciate, and experienced owners will be pleased with the presence of a proprietary device control system using a TFT display and one single knob, which does not allow even the most inexperienced user to get confused in the controls.

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The Gold Note P-1000 circuit is completely balanced, there are 5 XLR inputs for balanced connections, and for unbalanced connections you can select any of the 5 RCA inputs. The output connectors for the power amplifier are also represented by both RCA and XLR connectors. The new product has a modular design that allows you to add optional devices to the standard equipment of the device, such as a class “A” tube output stage or a more powerful power supply.

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Apparently, in the future the manufacturer plans to improve the device’s firmware, since the Gold Note P-1000 has a Mini-USB port to update it. The technical characteristics of the 15-kilogram device are very good. Frequency range 5 Hz – 100 kHz with unevenness of only +/-0.3 dB. The harmonic distortion parameter does not exceed 0.001%. The declared dynamic range of the preamplifier is 125 dB, and the signal-to-noise ratio is -128 dB.

Gold Note P-1000 Features

State-of-the-art linear preamp with 6 separate Ultra A Class linear amplification stages for superior sound quality.
The device can play stereo/mono and can invert the channel left and right to use it with any market recordings.
Three-position power control gain allows the preamp to connect to any type of power amplifier, and the speakers always find the best tonal balance of the audio system.
The Gold Note P-1000 preamplifier features an exclusive 256-step relay-resistor volume control, ensuring the best possible sound performance with virtually no distortion in the audio signal path.
One-knob operation – SKC’s signature Gold TFT display and Gold Note TFT display provide intuitive, complete device control, conveniently operated with one knob.
The Gold Note P-1000 has ten inputs, five of which are fully balanced XLR, and five of which are unbalanced RCA. The preamp also features balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA outputs and ports for connecting a variety of external accessories.
Innovative unique modular design with multiple external units including two Class A tube output stages, Atomic master clocks and high power power supplies
Gold Note P-1000 features a superb mechanical structure made from solid machined steel, and thick aluminum panels ensure low frequency resonance, Feedback vibration control and low magnetic inertial field.
The device can be updated via the rear Mini-USB port with a computer to keep it up-to-date and performing quickly.

Gold Note P-1000 Specifications

Key Features: 6 Ultra Linear Preamps with Fully Balanced Gain and 10 Inputs
Frequency Response: 5Hz-100kHz +/- 0.3dB
THD – Total Harmonic Distortion: Max. 0.001%
Signal to Noise Ratio: -128dB
Dynamic Response: 125dB
Input Impedance: 47kΩ
Output Level: 20dB
Phase Response: Linear Phase, Absolute Phase Inverted
Volume Control: Relay/Resistor and Volume Control 256 Steps
Dimensions: 430 mm L | 135mm high | 375 mm D
Weight: 15 kg

Audio outputs

Analog output: stereo XLR balanced and RCA unbalanced
Digital Input (optional): TOS or Coax 24/192kHz

Audio inputs

5 pairs of balanced XLR inputs
5 pairs of unbalanced RCA inputs