Gryphon Siren
Gryphon Siren
Gryphon Siren

Gryphon Siren: Dual mono phono stage with infinite channel separation

The Gryphon Siren boasts a 4.3-inch TFT touch screen adorned with 4mm thick tempered glass on its front panel. Weighing 38 kg, this exceptional device is available in two chassis options, as it relies on external power source. The Siren’s robust power supply incorporates localized, fully regulated systems that cater to the voltage boosting stages, ensuring minimal noise interference. These circuits serve as the foundation for the phono stage, guaranteeing optimal performance, as stated by the company. Apart from the dedicated power supplies for the left and right channels, there is a third one specifically designed to handle all the digital control functions of the device. Similar to the Apex and Commander amplifiers, the Siren is equipped with four-layer printed circuit boards featuring 70m thick copper, ensuring superior quality and performance.

Gryphon Siren

The boards in these products are equipped with top-of-the-line audiophile components, including Mundorf MCap ZN capacitors, Vishay low inductance resistors, ROHM bumped transistors, and ZETEX super low noise transistors.

To enhance component damping, sensitive audio circuits are carefully mounted internally.

Gryphon products are known for their unique circuit topology, and the Siren model boasts a true Dual Mono design with no negative feedback present in its circuitry.

With a fully discrete and fully balanced topology, the Siren ensures signal integrity, a feature Gryphon has excelled at in phono stages for over three decades.

Gryphon Siren is a Dual chassis phono head preamplifier with infinite channel separation
Gryphon Siren is a Dual chassis phono head preamplifier with infinite channel separation

The device is designed with minimal internal cables and utilizes carefully chosen XLR and RCA PC-Mount connectors to effectively minimize noise interference.

To enhance the versatility of the system, the Siren offers four inputs, consisting of three XLR and one RCA, all of which are gold-plated by Neutrik.

For MC heads, there is the option to adjust the load resistance, while for both MC and MM heads, capacitance selection is available. Additionally, the gain adjustment and input can be conveniently controlled via remote control. Moreover, the device features 12V contacts for easy system activation and deactivation.

Furthermore, located at the back of the device, there is a USB 2.0 port that allows for hassle-free firmware updates.

Undoubtedly, the Siren sets a new benchmark in analog reproduction, representing the pinnacle of Gryphon’s expertise in creating top-notch phono stages.


  • Resistance MM: 47KW, MC: from 20W to 1600W in selected steps.
  • Capacitance MM: 0pF to 608pF in selected steps, MC: 0pF, 220pF and 440pF.
  • Output resistance: 50W
  • Range: RIAA +/-0.1dB
  • Power supply capacity: 74,000μF each stereo channel
  • Gain: MM +38dB or +48dB @ 1kHz, MC: +58dB or +68dB @ 1kHz
  • S/N Unweighted 20-20kHz: MM: 86dB @ 10mv, MC: 70dB @ 0.5mv
  • S/N A-weighted 20-20kHz: MM: 90dB @ 10mv, MC: 74dB @ 0.5mv
  • Channel separation: Infinite
  • Siren dimensions (WxHxD): 48×23.6×45.5 cm, weight 30.4kg
  • Power supply dimensions, (WxHxD): 48×23.6×44 cm, weight 38kg.

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