Hiby FD5
Hiby FD5
Hiby FD5

HiBy FD5: Bluetooth DAC and headphone amplifier announced

HiBy Music has already proven themselves in the portable music player market, so now they are focusing on desktop solutions. The FD5 is their response to Head-Fi’s question of whether they can create a DAC/amp powered by a wall supply that rivals their portable players – and the FD5 proves that they can.

Featuring four AKM AK4493SEQs and a FPGA, the FD5 is a budget-friendly, high-performing desktop solution in a compact package.

HiBy’s first DAC/amp doesn’t lack flagship genes either – it actually borrows its analog stage from the impressive R8II statement DAP.


By utilizing a discrete output stage, HiBy sets itself apart from the competition relying on pedestrian op-amps. The individual transistors in this setup provide the necessary power to drive high-end headphones like HIFIMANs, Rosson Audio Designs, Subtonic Audio’s Storm, and Symphonium Audio’s Crimson – all without breaking the bank.

Discrete output devices are known for their ability to handle current and deliver ample power, which is crucial for FD5. With its power supply featuring several thousand microfarads of filtering capacitors, FD5 is a true powerhouse that has stepped out of the pocket and onto the stage, stealing the limelight.

HiBy FD5 specifications:

  • Modern exterior design
  • Supports multiple operating modes
  • Separate power supplies
  • Design based on 4 AKM4493 DAC chips
  • Class A and AB amplification support
  • Clean power supply
  • Supports DSD512, PCM 768 kHz/32 bit formats
  • MQA 8X support
  • Analog outputs: 3.5 mm and 4.4 mm balanced
  • Dual Hi-Res sound
  • Full color OLED display

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