HiBy R8 II
HiBy R8 II
HiBy R8 II

HiBy R8 II: flagship Hi-Res player with Class A amplification

The HiBy company has begun accepting pre-orders for the top-end digital player R8 II , which features many interesting technical solutions.

ImageThe player’s chassis is made of high-grade stainless steel, and the back panel is covered with Alcantara, which ensures a reliable grip on the hand. The digital-to-analog conversion unit uses Darwin-MPA architecture , which includes a 16-channel DAC with current output.

ImageThe headphone amplifier can operate in both class A and AB , depending on whether you need soulful sound or long battery life, the capacity of which is 12000 mAh . To do this, it has two independent output stages – on operational amplifiers ADA4625-2 and OPA1612 , as well as custom transistors. Elna tantalum resistors and capacitors are used in the signal circuits .


The player runs HiByOS OS based on Android 12, and the central processor is Snapdragon 665 . On the front panel there is a 5.9-inch color display with a resolution of 1080p.

ImageThe HiBy R8 II hi-res player comes in three different colors and is available for pre-order.

Price: $1,999

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