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IFI AUDIO Zen Can 3 and Zen Blue 3
IFI AUDIO Zen Can 3 and Zen Blue 3
IFI AUDIO Zen Can 3 and Zen Blue 3

iFi Audio launches new Zen Can 3 and Zen Blue 3

iFi Audio recently released new versions of two products in its Zen product line. The Zen Can 3 headphone amplifier is currently on the market, with the Zen Blue 3 Bluetooth receiver and DA converter set to be released in early July.

iFi Audio renews Zen product line with third generation members

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iFi Audio Launched the Zen Dac 3 and Zen Phono 3 in April. Now, the Zen Can and Zen Blue are receiving updates. Both the Zen Can 3 and Zen Blue 3 feature the same stylish housing design. The Zen Can 3 headphone amplifier comes equipped with xMEMS technology, while the Zen Blue 3 is touted as the first DA converter in the world to support both receiving and transmitting lossless audio.

iFi Audio Zen Can 3: headphone amplifier with purely analog circuits

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Zen Can 3’s xMEMS micro speaker amplification mode supports in-ear monitors (IEMs) with onboard xMEMS drivers. The manufacturer promises “superior clarity and reliability during listening sessions to achieve a new dimension of audio quality”. The xMEMS mode was first integrated into the iFi Diablo X , which launched in early 2023. The new model also adds two new analog EQ modes compared to its predecessor (along with the more familiar XBass+ and can deliver clearer dialogue, while the latter helps to improve low-level sounds.

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Utilizing the same Class A circuitry as the flagship iCAN Phantom, the Can 3 also features an improved continuous output power of 2 Watts, with an adjustable gain of 0-18 dB and +6 dB increments the unit perfectly matches the to fit headphones.

iFi Audio Zen Blue 3:

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The Zen Blue 3 is a Hi-Res Bluetooth DAC that combines wireless connectivity with CD-quality lossless audio transmission and audiophile-quality circuitry. Complementing its predecessor, the Blue 3 offers three new operating modes, including Bluetooth RX, TX and a wired DAC mode. According to the designers, the Zen Blue 3 is the world’s first wireless DA converter that can both transmit and receive lossless CD quality.

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The Zen Blue 3 supports Bluetooth 5.4 and the aptX Lossless codec and, according to the makers, is ready to stream audio from your phone to your hi-fi system. There are also options to enhance both movies (or general viewing) and gaming with a low-latency button on the front to keep the audio in sync with the on-screen action.

iFi Audio Zen Can 3 and Zen Blue 3: prices and delivery information

The iFi Audio Zen Can 3 is available for 229 euros. The Zen Blue 3 will be launched on July 9 and will have a suggested retail price of just under 300 euros.


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