iFi Zen Phono 3: Compact adjustable phono amplifier


British-based iFi Audio has launched a new compact phono amplifier called Zen Phono 3. The designers are touting Zen Phono 3 as “a gateway to the rich, warm sound that vinyl enthusiasts admire.” The Zen Phono 3 is suitable for both MM cartridges and MC cartridges and the user has several setting options.

iFi Audio Zen Phono 3

The compact phono amplifier, which has the same shape as all other members of iFi Audio ‘s Zen product line , has a lot to offer according to the manufacturer. The RIAA equalization has a claimed tolerance of +/- 0.15 dB over a frequency range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz.

The gain range of the iFi Zen Phono 3 is between 36 dB and 72 dB and the load impedance can be adjusted. You can also choose a capacity of 100 or 200 pF for MM and MC high output and there are three options for MC low output and MC-V Low, namely 100, 400 and 1 kohm. The Zen Phono Dac 3 is therefore suitable for a wide range of turntable elements. iFi states that its “exceptionally low” equivalent input noise of 151dBV “provides an unprecedented level of clarity and detail.”

The subsonic filter of the Zen Phono 3 works intelligently and, according to the designers, avoids the usual pitfall of subsonic filters, which is filtering out both the rumble of the turntable and essential low tones. Instead, iFi says, the Zen Phono 3’s warp filter selectively removes imperfections while preserving the integrity of the music.

Music signal comes out via a stereo cinch connection, but there is also a balanced output. According to the manufacturer, the power supply is of impeccable quality.

Price: $250

iFi Zen Dac 3

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